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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
6791525-Jul-2021Proposals for the construction of a facility for the production of solar energy.MENA Countries27-Dec-2021Tenders
6791625-Jul-2021Establishment of a facility for the production of electricity in solar energy MA.MENA Countries27-Dec-2021Tenders
6808608-Aug-2021Design, construction, connection, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) facilities for the production of electricity.MENA Countries15-Dec-2021Tenders
6819218-Aug-2021Design, construction, connection, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) facilities for the production of electricity.MENA Countries15-Dec-2021Tenders
6831829-Aug-2021Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 75 Solar Street Lights.Asia27-Sep-2021Tenders
6838001-Sep-2021Supply and Install 50 KWP Solar Panels on the Bus Station.Asia30-Sep-2021Tenders
6840402-Sep-2021Supply and Installation of 3 Solar Submersible Pumps.Asia04-Oct-2021Tenders
6840502-Sep-2021Installation of 125 Solar Water Heating Systems.Mediterranean28-Sep-2021Tenders
6842403-Sep-2021Assessment of the potential for battery storage to provide affordable electricity access through solar PV mini grids in West Africa.Asia23-Sep-2021Tenders
6846706-Sep-2021Supply of solar flashlights for the need of different departments.Asia23-Sep-2021Tenders
6847206-Sep-2021Supply and install integrated solar power pump systems for 9 hand-dug wells.Asia27-Sep-2021Tenders
6847507-Sep-2021Implementation of an electrical power system from solar energy.Asia03-Oct-2021Tenders
6847607-Sep-2021Project of supply, installation and operation of an integrated solar-powered pumping unit for the water project.Asia26-Sep-2021Tenders
6855311-Sep-2021Procurement of 20 solar energy panel systems 20 accommodation tents.Mediterranean04-Oct-2021Tenders
6855411-Sep-2021Installation of 12 Solar Energy Systems for Animal Drinking Water Supply.Mediterranean27-Sep-2021Tenders
6855511-Sep-2021Construction of 186 KWE Solar Energy Electricity Production Facility.Mediterranean24-Sep-2021Tenders
6858314-Sep-2021Request for Quotation for installing solar power system.Mediterranean30-Sep-2021Tenders
6858414-Sep-2021Tender for the installation of solar energy for the waste sorting center.Mediterranean24-Sep-2021Tenders
6858614-Sep-2021Design, supply, installation of PV solar panels - ON-GRID system with a capacity of (47.5) kilowatt peak in two schools.Asia03-Oct-2021Tenders
6858714-Sep-2021Supplying Solar lamp and Thermos for Washokani Camp.Asia23-Sep-2021Tenders
6858914-Sep-2021Supply, installation, operation and testing of a solar water pumping system for a water project.Asia27-Sep-2021Tenders
6861915-Sep-2021Technical and Financial Feasibility assessment and cost estimate for Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Efficiency Measures.Asia29-Sep-2021Tenders
6863016-Sep-2021Construction of 100kw Installed Power Roof Cover Solar Energy Power Plant.Mediterranean05-Oct-2021Tenders
6863116-Sep-2021Construction of 450KWe (538,56 kWp) Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean04-Oct-2021Tenders
6863216-Sep-2021Turnkey Construction of 180 kWe Solar Power Plant Installation.Mediterranean30-Sep-2021Tenders
6863316-Sep-2021Purchasing 200 Solar Panels.Mediterranean30-Sep-2021Tenders
6865117-Sep-2021Supply of Framed Solar Panel With Junction Box And Cable Kit.Asia04-Oct-2021Tenders
6865217-Sep-2021Design, supply, installation and operation of solar photovoltaic systems, with a production capacity of 2Mwp.Asia08-Nov-2021Tenders
6865317-Sep-2021Supplier for Solar system in Jalma water station.Mediterranean26-Sep-2021Tenders
6868420-Sep-2021Supply and Installation of 10 kW off grid Solar PV specifications.Asia04-Oct-2021Tenders