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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
7087914-Dec-2021Supply of Equipment for Photovoltaic Applications for BOTAS and TEMSAN.Mediterranean21-Feb-2022Tenders
7107629-Dec-2021Supply and installation of Off-grid hybrid solar system.Mediterranean10-Feb-2022Tenders
7112703-Jan-2022Installation of a 315kWe AC (minimum 315kWp) solar power plant consisting of photovoltaic solar panels.Mediterranean10-Feb-2022Tenders
7119407-Jan-2022Implementation of an electrical power system from solar energy for the Jordan Valley Crossing.Asia30-Jan-2022Tenders
7128616-Jan-2022Tender for the Supply and Installation of Solar Street.Mediterranean21-Feb-2022Tenders
7131218-Jan-2022Construction and restoration works, solar system works and water projects.Asia08-Feb-2022Tenders
7131318-Jan-2022Supply and install solar pump system with solar system.Asia27-Jan-2022Tenders
7131418-Jan-2022Supply, installation and operation of water pumps operating in two main electricity systems and a solar energy system. Asia07-Feb-2022Tenders
7131618-Jan-2022Procurement of Solar Water Pump.Asia31-Jan-2022Tenders
7131718-Jan-2022Rehabilitation of agriculture wells and installation of solar power system in Hammam.Asia01-Feb-2022Tenders
7137021-Jan-2022Proposals for Solar Farm to Supply Electricity to Omniprocessor in IAAT Wastewater Treatment Plant.Mediterranean04-Feb-2022Tenders
7137121-Jan-2022Supply and installation of “Off-grid hybrid solar system"Mediterranean10-Feb-2022Tenders
7137321-Jan-2022Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operation and Maintenance for Hybrid On-Grid PV Diesel & Off-Grid Solar PV Systems.Mediterranean17-Feb-2022Tenders
7138323-Jan-2022Manufacture of solar cookers and dryers.Asia02-Feb-2022Tenders
7139424-Jan-2022Build Own Operate and Maintain (BOOM) a minimum capacity of 5 MWac gridtied solar PV power plant on building rooftops.MENA Countries16-Mar-2022Tenders
7140224-Jan-2022EOI request for Technical Consultant Solar Thermal Water Heating Project (Pre-feasibility Study)Asia01-Feb-2022Tenders
7140724-Jan-2022Supply And Installation Of Solar Street Lighting At Wilayat.MENA Countries20-Feb-2022Tenders
7142625-Jan-2022Supply and installation of solar-powered lighting units and poles for several streets.Asia07-Feb-2022Tenders
7144226-Jan-2022Construction Of A Grid Connected Solar Power Plant With Photovoltaic Panel.Mediterranean16-Feb-2022Tenders
7144526-Jan-2022Tender for Photovoltaic System at Ramallah Women Training Center.Asia22-Feb-2022Tenders
7144826-Jan-2022Installation of a 315kWe AC (minimum 315kWp) solar power plant consisting of photovoltaic solar panels.Mediterranean10-Feb-2022Tenders
7145427-Jan-2022Installation of Solar Panels System in Zahraa Clinic.Mediterranean03-Feb-2022Tenders