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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
8441014-May-2023Supply and Installation of Construction and Renovation work for Schools and Institutions AND SOLAR SYSTEM.Mediterranean12-Jun-2023Tenders
8442215-May-2023Build Own Operate and Maintain BOOM a minimum capacity of 3 MWac gridtied solar PV power plant on building rooftops and car park.MENA Countries12-Jul-2023Tenders
8454525-May-2023Provision of Rehabilitation and Solarization Services for the Sewage Lifting Stations.Mediterranean14-Jun-2023Tenders
8454625-May-2023Provision of Solar system installation of community-based water pumping stations.Mediterranean17-Jun-2023Tenders
8455325-May-2023Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Of Solar Pv Systems.Mediterranean23-Jun-2023Tenders
8456426-May-2023Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar PV systems.Mediterranean12-Jun-2023Tenders
8457228-May-2023Provide, supply and install solar systems for water pumping stations and other institutions.Mediterranean16-Jun-2023Tenders
8460230-May-2023Supply & Installation of solar power system and provision of chemicals.Mediterranean10-Jun-2023Tenders
8460330-May-2023Supply and installation of solar systems for Tahamah well-field.Asia19-Jun-2023Tenders
8460430-May-2023Integrate, Supply, and Install solar power sys in Marjeoun.Mediterranean12-Jun-2023Tenders
8460530-May-2023Integrate, Supply, and Install a solar water pumping system.Mediterranean15-Jun-2023Tenders
8461030-May-2023Supply of Solar Charge Controller.Asia11-Jun-2023Tenders
8463401-Jun-2023Supply and Installation of Solar Panel System for the Water Lab in Nabatieh.Mediterranean12-Jun-2023Tenders
8463801-Jun-2023Supplying and installing solar lighting units in Yatta Municipality Park.Asia11-Jun-2023Tenders
8463901-Jun-2023Supply, installation, construction, operation and maintenance works Photovoltaic power plants in a school.Asia25-Jun-2023Tenders
8464802-Jun-2023Integrate, Supply, and Install solar water pumping systems.Mediterranean19-Jun-2023Tenders
8466004-Jun-2023Provision of Ten (10) Off-Grid Solar Systems at Taiz Governorates.Asia21-Jun-2023Tenders
8466504-Jun-2023Supply of a solar powered pumping unit with accessories, transportation, installation and commissioning.Asia14-Jun-2023Tenders
8466604-Jun-2023Supply and Installation of Full Solar Water Pumping System.Asia15-Jun-2023Tenders
8472007-Jun-2023Supply and implement 50 emergency latrines with solar panels in Alqahaifa.Asia18-Jun-2023Tenders
8472608-Jun-2023Provide and install a 1000-watt solar photovoltaic system.Mediterranean20-Jun-2023Tenders
8474509-Jun-2023Supplying and installing solar energy systems for LOST centers.Mediterranean21-Jun-2023Tenders
8474609-Jun-2023Consultancy firm to provide design and supervision service for solarizing a public water source.Mediterranean26-Jun-2023Tenders
8475010-Jun-2023Supply of an integrated integrated road lighting device that works on solar energy with a capacity of 60 watts.Mediterranean02-Jul-2023Tenders