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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
7282310-May-2022Request for Quotation for Solar Streetlights.Mediterranean27-Jun-2022Tenders
7299123-May-2022Supply and Installation of a Centralized Monitoring and Asset Management Platform for 407 Rooftop PV Systems.Asia29-Jun-2022Tenders
7302425-May-2022Design & Build of 5 Solar PV plants with the execution split into two sections 11MW and 16MW.Mediterranean19-Jul-2022Tenders
7314504-Jun-2022Installation of 5,65 Mw Solar Power Power Plant.Mediterranean01-Jul-2022Tenders
7316706-Jun-2022Supply of Solar energy systems and maintenance.Asia06-Jul-2022Tenders
7316806-Jun-2022Supply of Electrical and electronic devices, equipment and Solar energy systems.Asia30-Jun-2022Tenders
7318207-Jun-2022Tender for the supply and installation of a smart nanogrid.Asia12-Jul-2022Tenders
7319508-Jun-2022Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance for Solar PV System for Logistics department.Mediterranean29-Jun-2022Tenders
7320709-Jun-2022Renovation Works at RCVI Upgrading of Solar System and Electrical Network.Asia28-Jun-2022Tenders
7326714-Jun-2022Procurement of Portable Solar Power Systems.Mediterranean29-Jun-2022Tenders
7329416-Jun-2022Design, supply, installation, connection and commissioning of solar cell systems with a capacity of 90kwp kilowatt peak.Asia07-Jul-2022Tenders
7329916-Jun-2022Construction of 2650 Kwe Grid Connected Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean08-Jul-2022Tenders
7330016-Jun-2022Purchase of 14,800 Solar Panels including installation.Mediterranean08-Jul-2022Tenders
7330116-Jun-2022Installation of Solar Energy Systems and Rainwater Storage Systems in 8 Schools.Mediterranean30-Jun-2022Tenders
7330216-Jun-2022Construction Of 1 Unit 952 Kw Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean30-Jun-2022Tenders
7332619-Jun-2022Establishment Of Frame Agreement For The Provision Of Photovoltaic And Power Systems Design And Consultancy.Mediterranean13-Jul-2022Tenders
7333820-Jun-2022Purchase and Installation of Solar Streetlights.Mediterranean01-Jul-2022Tenders
7334320-Jun-2022Design, supply and installation and operating systems to generate electric power using Solar cells with capacity 382 kilowatt peak.Asia04-Jul-2022Tenders
7334420-Jun-2022Purchase And the supply and installation of solar cells within the interventions of the Ministry.Asia19-Jul-2022Tenders
7334520-Jun-2022Providing, installing and operating solar water heating systems.Mediterranean06-Jul-2022Tenders
7334620-Jun-2022Providing and installing a solar energy system for the collection louvers.Mediterranean30-Jun-2022Tenders
7334720-Jun-2022Implementation of a project to provide and install a 2500 watt solar energy system.Mediterranean28-Jun-2022Tenders
7335621-Jun-2022Construction of 2650 Kwe Network Connected Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean08-Jul-2022Tenders
7335721-Jun-2022Construction of 4 Solar Power Plants (GES) for Schools.Mediterranean06-Jul-2022Tenders
7335821-Jun-2022Installation of a 315kWe AC solar power plant consisting of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.Mediterranean06-Jul-2022Tenders
7335921-Jun-2022Purchase of 5 Pole Type Solar Energy Panels.Mediterranean05-Jul-2022Tenders
7341024-Jun-2022Preparation of Studies, Construction Supervision for Projects of Solar Pumping Stations.Asia28-Jun-2022Tenders