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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
6684728-Apr-2021Tenders for the construction of three 25 MW solar power plants.Asia20-Jun-2021Tenders
6710619-May-2021Planning, supply, construction work of solar power generation facilities In photovoltaic technology (PV) in power up to 200 kW on roofs.MENA Countries28-Jun-2021Tenders
6716024-May-2021Design, Supply, and Installation ofNorth Gaza Sewage Treatment Solar Plant.Asia06-Jul-2021Tenders
6719726-May-2021Design, supply, installation and commissioning grid connected roof mounted solar system. MENA Countries29-Jul-2021Tenders
6721027-May-2021Design Build Own Operate And Transfer Of A Bio Methanation Based Power Generation Plant And A Photovoltaic Based.MENA Countries25-Jul-2021Tenders
6722028-May-2021Tender for designing and installing a solar energy plant with a capacity of 4 MW.Asia28-Jun-2021Tenders
6725531-May-2021Construction, operation of solar facilities for production Electricity in photovoltaic (PV) technology with a capacity of up to 200 kW.MENA Countries20-Jul-2021Tenders
6726701-Jun-2021Consultancy Services For Renewable Energy Strategy Framework.MENA Countries27-Jun-2021Tenders
6727301-Jun-2021Supply and installation of light solar system consisting of 10-watt solar panel.Asia21-Jun-2021Tenders
6729002-Jun-2021Construction Work Of 1 Unit 999 Kwe Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean25-Jun-2021Tenders
6732906-Jun-2021Establishment Of A 2+1 Years Frame Agreement For The Provision Of Solar Lantern.Mediterranean01-Jul-2021Tenders
6735708-Jun-2021Construction Of 1 Unit 210 Kw Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean25-Jun-2021Tenders
6735808-Jun-2021Construction of 999 kWe solar power plant.Mediterranean25-Jun-2021Tenders
6735908-Jun-2021Supply and installation of solar cell systems on the roofs of 50 schools.Asia30-Jun-2021Tenders
6736008-Jun-2021Supply measuring & Testing devices for PV solar.Asia07-Jul-2021Tenders
6737009-Jun-2021Design, supply, installation, connection, operation of Photovoltaic Energy Efficiency Systems (Solar Heaters)Asia12-Jul-2021Tenders
6737509-Jun-2021Request for Quotations for the construction of a hybrid solar farm in Hasbaiya.Mediterranean28-Jun-2021Tenders
6737709-Jun-2021Request for Quotations for the construction of a hybrid solar farm in Aalma Ech Chaab.Mediterranean28-Jun-2021Tenders
6738510-Jun-2021Supply, installation and operation of two solar energy systems for two health centers.Asia21-Jun-2021Tenders
6738610-Jun-2021Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of a solar pumping system with a tank.Asia22-Jun-2021Tenders
6740513-Jun-2021Design of solar powered borehole in Sinjar district Ninewa governorate.Asia27-Jun-2021Tenders
6741413-Jun-2021Installation Of A Solar Power Plant With 110 Kwe/112.14 Kwp.Mediterranean28-Jun-2021Tenders
6744515-Jun-2021Supply of solar energy training equipment.Asia23-Jun-2021Tenders
6744615-Jun-2021Installing solar energy systems.Asia26-Jun-2021Tenders
6744915-Jun-2021Establishment and maintenance of photovoltaic systems with a total power of about 1000 kilowatts on the roof.MENA Countries30-Jun-2021Tenders
6745015-Jun-2021Design, supply, construction and maintenance of solar power generation facilities using photovoltaic technology.MENA Countries30-Jun-2021Tenders
6747817-Jun-2021Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) and Distributors, Building a more inclusive and sustainable solar market.Asia30-Jun-2021Tenders
6748518-Jun-2021Construction of 460kw Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean13-Jul-2021Tenders