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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
7313303-Jun-2022Installation, connection and delivery of the solar panel systems ready for operation and maintenance.Europe26-Aug-2022Tenders
7332519-Jun-2022Supply, Installation And Operation Of 2 Pv Stations On Ground With The Process Of Energy Settlement.Mediterranean29-Aug-2022Tenders
7336822-Jun-2022Supply, installation and maintenance of solar panels for the 2 locations.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7340424-Jun-2022Procurement of Solar panel installations framework agreement.Europe31-Aug-2022Tenders
7342827-Jun-2022Expression of interest for the realization of photovoltaic installations on the territory.Europe30-Sep-2022Tenders
7348701-Jul-2022Design and Build of Solar PV Farms and Nethermains.Europe09-Sep-2022Tenders
7356107-Jul-2022EOI for Roof Waterproofing Works on two Buildings, Solar panels and HVAC external unit machines are installed on these roofs.Europe02-Sep-2022Tenders
7356407-Jul-2022Build a photovoltaic installation on the SAPAN site of approximately 1,370 m2.Europe22-Aug-2022Tenders
7360011-Jul-2022Framework agreement relating to the performance of photovoltaic or aerovoltaic works.Europe13-Sep-2022Tenders
7360111-Jul-2022Delivery, construction and assembly of a PV ground mounted system 2667.6 kWp electrical connection of a PV ground-mounted system.Europe23-Aug-2022Tenders
7360311-Jul-2022Procurement of PV system with approx. 130 KWp as a rooftop system.Europe15-Aug-2022Tenders
7360511-Jul-2022Replacement of the bowling alley roof with insulation and installation of a photovoltaic power plant.Europe12-Sep-2022Tenders
7361912-Jul-2022Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations in the Wisznice Commune.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7363613-Jul-2022Installation of solar collectors 21 sets, photovoltaic installations 63 sets.Europe16-Aug-2022Tenders
7364914-Jul-2022Installation of a photovoltaic installation in the car park at the building of the Central Statistical Office.Europe17-Aug-2022Tenders
7365014-Jul-2022Construction a photovoltaic system.Europe25-Aug-2022Tenders
7366215-Jul-2022Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations in the Ludwin Commune.Europe17-Aug-2022Tenders
7366315-Jul-2022Design, implement and commission the installation: pellet boilers, solar collectors, photovoltaic installations.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7366415-Jul-2022Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations and solar collectors in the Frampol Commune.Europe17-Aug-2022Tenders
7366515-Jul-2022Supply and installation of electricity photovoltaic power plant with a total output of PV panels of min. 401.3 kWp.Europe15-Aug-2022Tenders
7367115-Jul-2022Provision and installation of photovoltaic modules and inverter(s) with a system output of approx. 90 kWp.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7367215-Jul-2022Procurement of 227 units PV modules 380Wp with flat roof mounting system 1 unit WR 15kW.Europe17-Aug-2022Tenders
7368517-Jul-2022Construction of the solar power plant at the Tahtniemi wastewater treatment plant.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7369018-Jul-2022Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations in the Commune of Piszczac.Europe18-Aug-2022Tenders
7369118-Jul-2022Construction of a photovoltaic power plant with a size of 46,875 kWp together with a battery storage min. 233 kWh.Europe23-Aug-2022Tenders
7369218-Jul-2022Procurement of Chamber House Solar Farm EPC Contract.Europe24-Aug-2022Tenders
7370219-Jul-2022Preventive, predictive, corrective and heating, domestic hot water production, legionellosis, thermal solar energy.Europe12-Sep-2022Tenders
7370319-Jul-2022Engineering service for the drafting of the desalination plant project in Torrevieja, photovoltaic solar plant.Europe05-Sep-2022Tenders
7370419-Jul-2022Supply of photovoltaic panels and the subsequent instance of photovoltaic power plants.Europe20-Aug-2022Tenders