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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
6649128-Mar-2021Contracting financing, planning, construction and operation heat generation, cooling, electrical supply, photovoltaics.Europe30-Jul-2021Tenders
6704213-May-2021Supply of Photovoltaic system, new sewage sludge storage facility.Europe22-Jun-2021Tenders
6707116-May-2021Construction of a photovoltaic system, PV modules 84 pieces. Europe22-Jun-2021Tenders
6707517-May-2021Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations in the Czemierniki commune.Europe22-Jun-2021Tenders
6708918-May-2021Construction of photovoltaic installations on public utility buildings and micro-installations.Europe21-Jun-2021Tenders
6710519-May-2021Supply and placement of solar panels for DHW supply.Mediterranean22-Jun-2021Tenders
6710819-May-2021Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installation kits in the Sosnowka commune.Europe24-Jun-2021Tenders
6713021-May-2021Supply and installation of solar panels and batteries in the municipal swimming pool.Europe21-Jun-2021Tenders
6713121-May-2021Delivery and assembly of solar collectors and photovoltaic installations in the commune.Europe25-Jun-2021Tenders
6713221-May-2021Delivery and assembly of solar collector installations in the Dzierzkowice Commune.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6713321-May-2021Delivery and assembly of a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of min. 240 kWp.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6713421-May-2021Supply and installation of a number of 63 off-grid type photovoltaic systems for electricity production.Europe24-Jun-2021Tenders
6713621-May-2021Supply, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption without grid injection.Europe25-Jun-2021Tenders
6713721-May-2021Delivery and installation of solar street lights.Europe22-Jun-2021Tenders
6714623-May-2021Supply and installation of a photovoltaic power plants (PV) with a minimum total output of PV panels 732.0 kWp without accumulation.Europe21-Jun-2021Tenders
6717025-May-2021Contrsct Work to adapt the power generator and installation of a photovoltaic system.Europe21-Jun-2021Tenders
6717125-May-2021Installation of photovoltaic panels along with the reconstruction of the electrical installation for the needs of PV installations.Europe30-Jun-2021Tenders
6717225-May-2021Implementation of photovoltaic micro-installations on public utility buildings.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6717325-May-2021Supply and assembly of photovoltaic installations in public utility buildings.Europe24-Jun-2021Tenders
6717425-May-2021Purchases a geographically remote solar power plant with a capacity of 107 kW.Europe23-Jun-2021Tenders
6718526-May-2021Delivery, assembly, commissioning of a photovoltaic micro-installation with the capacity.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6718726-May-2021Delivery and assembly together with design and commissioning of the following installations PV installations.Europe29-Jun-2021Tenders
6719426-May-2021Installation of Solar Photovoltaic System at HMP Dumfries.Europe25-Jun-2021Tenders
6723229-May-2021Construction of a 1000 kVA AC and 14000 kWp DC small solar power plants.Europe12-Jul-2021Tenders
6724230-May-2021Delivery of a solar-powered multifunctional service point.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6724330-May-2021Procurement Of 1 pv system 48kWp consisting of 154 solar modules with substructure.Europe30-Jun-2021Tenders
6724530-May-2021Erecting a photovoltaic system on pitched roofs with earthworks.Europe29-Jun-2021Tenders
6724630-May-2021Installation of photovoltaic systems on houses.Europe28-Jun-2021Tenders
6724730-May-2021Photovoltaic system on school gym, laying parallel to the roof, approx 30kWp, ready-to-use assembly of the module.Europe29-Jun-2021Tenders