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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
8013331-Jan-2023Study, supply, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar installations for self-consumption.Europe03-Apr-2023Tenders
8021907-Feb-2023Bids for electricity generated from new Renewable Sources of Energy Installations with a capacity from 200kWp up to less than 1000kWp.Europe05-Apr-2023Tenders
8141723-Feb-2023Supply and turnkey installation of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the South and North buildings.Europe04-Apr-2023Tenders
8150903-Mar-2023Construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the administrative building.Balkan Region03-Apr-2023Tenders
8151303-Mar-2023Installation of photovoltaic panels on inverters and connection to the electric LV network.Europe03-Apr-2023Tenders
8152805-Mar-2023Market consultation Solar Carports in the Amersfoort region.Europe19-May-2023Tenders
8158208-Mar-2023Procurement of Pv System Center Fontauna Disentis.Europe06-Apr-2023Tenders
8159409-Mar-2023Installation of photovoltaic cells on residents properties.Europe03-Apr-2023Tenders
8159509-Mar-2023Construction of new photovoltaic sources in the locality of Hradec.Europe05-Apr-2023Tenders
8159609-Mar-2023Implementation of 2 systems of photovoltaic power plants.Europe04-Apr-2023Tenders
8159709-Mar-2023Build a new photovoltaic power plant (PVE) on the roof of the building.Europe04-Apr-2023Tenders
8159909-Mar-2023Supply and installation of a photovoltaic installation for the school campus.Europe26-Apr-2023Tenders
8162712-Mar-2023Supply and installation of a photovoltaic solar installation in the Halle du Tennis Club.Europe12-Apr-2023Tenders
8162812-Mar-2023Installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.Europe06-Apr-2023Tenders
8163312-Mar-2023Construction Of A Photovoltage Power Plant On The Roof Of The New Home.Europe03-Apr-2023Tenders
8164613-Mar-2023Tender for PV system approx. 70kWp on a flat roof, approx. 180 PV modules with a flat roof mounting system.Europe04-Apr-2023Tenders
8164813-Mar-2023Installation of a photovoltaic system <135 kWp on 5 roof areas.Europe05-Apr-2023Tenders
8165814-Mar-2023Delivery and assembly of 198 on-grid photovoltaic installations.Europe12-Apr-2023Tenders
8165914-Mar-2023Construction of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of up to 500 kW. Europe13-Apr-2023Tenders
8166014-Mar-2023Construction of canopies with a photovoltaic system at the long-stay car parks.Europe17-Apr-2023Tenders
8166114-Mar-2023Installation of photovoltaic panels square Bonaparte.Europe11-Apr-2023Tenders
8166314-Mar-2023Construction of 237 photovoltaic micro-installations generating electricity and the implementation of 58 solar collector installations.Europe12-Apr-2023Tenders
8168716-Mar-2023Procurement is the construction of a solar power plant.Europe05-Apr-2023Tenders
8168916-Mar-2023Tender for the supply and instillation of solar panels to four buildings.Europe21-Apr-2023Tenders
8170317-Mar-2023Installation Works Of Electrical Energy Production Plants Using Photovoltaic Panels In Self-Consumption.Europe21-Apr-2023Tenders
8171319-Mar-2023Tender for Photovoltaic power plant for the production of electricity from the conversion of solar energy.Europe18-Apr-2023Tenders
8171519-Mar-2023Construction of photovoltaic installations with a total power of min. 486 kWp.Europe21-Apr-2023Tenders
8171619-Mar-2023Construction of a photovoltaic open space system with an electrical output of at least 280 kWp.Europe13-Apr-2023Tenders
8171719-Mar-2023Apartment building with workplaces, studio rooms and common rooms, photovoltaic system.Europe27-Apr-2023Tenders