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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
6748318-Jun-2021Design, construction and operation of a self consumption photovoltaic power plant.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6750921-Jun-2021Design, construction and operation of a self-consumption photovoltaic power plant.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6796829-Jul-2021Deployment of photovoltaic panels on the INSA Toulouse site for self-consumption.Europe05-Oct-2021Tenders
6802403-Aug-2021Engineering projects, supply, transportation, installation and location in operation of (1) photovoltaic (pv) st.Mediterranean30-Sep-2021Tenders
6808909-Aug-2021Construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof.Europe09-Oct-2021Tenders
6811411-Aug-2021Installation of metal poles with photovoltaic panels - 23 pcs.CIS08-Oct-2021Tenders
6818117-Aug-2021Installation of metal poles with photovoltaic panels - 23 pcs.CIS19-Oct-2021Tenders
6818317-Aug-2021Procurement of a complete PV system.Europe27-Sep-2021Tenders
6819918-Aug-2021Delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems in the Thomas-Nast.Europe23-Sep-2021Tenders
6823120-Aug-2021Delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems for the municipal area Awarding.Europe24-Sep-2021Tenders
6826224-Aug-2021Implementation of a photovoltaic power plant system with an output of at least 297.5 kWp consisting of panels.Europe24-Sep-2021Tenders
6827525-Aug-2021Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of 1,315.12 kWp for 262 households.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6827625-Aug-2021Supply of a comprehensive photovoltaic power plant system, including energy storage.Europe23-Sep-2021Tenders
6828125-Aug-2021Installation of a new PV system on several buildings in connection with charging infrastructure.Europe27-Sep-2021Tenders
6830327-Aug-2021Rental of solar power plants, including servicing and maintenance services.Europe28-Sep-2021Tenders
6830427-Aug-2021Delivery and assembly of solar collectors and photovoltaic installations.Europe01-Oct-2021Tenders
6832229-Aug-2021Installation of a sloping roof and a 75 kW solar power plant.Europe29-Sep-2021Tenders
6833030-Aug-2021Supply and installation of photovoltaic installations on real estate located in the slemien Commune.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6834831-Aug-2021Installation of 176 photovoltaic installation devices in the Dabie Commune.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6834931-Aug-2021Implementation of the supply and installation of the photovoltaic system.Europe27-Sep-2021Tenders
6837001-Sep-2021Delivery and assembly of 455 photovoltaic installations used to generate energy from renewable sources.Europe28-Sep-2021Tenders
6837101-Sep-2021Supply and assembly of photovoltaic installations for the needs of 24 public facilities.Europe04-Oct-2021Tenders
6837701-Sep-2021Realization of a photovoltaic power plant in self-consumption installed in superimposition on the existing roofs of buildings.Europe29-Sep-2021Tenders
6837801-Sep-2021Feasibility study to install photovoltaic generators connected to the network.Europe30-Sep-2021Tenders
6841603-Sep-2021Reconstruction of the PV system including a new substructure Construction of new inverters New cabling.Europe28-Sep-2021Tenders
6841903-Sep-2021Installation of a photovoltaic installation in public infrastructure.Europe01-Oct-2021Tenders
6843003-Sep-2021Procurement project of 231 photovoltaic system.Europe15-Oct-2021Tenders
6843704-Sep-2021Implementation of the supply and installation of the photovoltaic system.Europe04-Oct-2021Tenders
6846506-Sep-2021Tender for Photovoltaic system.Europe07-Oct-2021Tenders