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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
7222025-Mar-2022Framework contract for the delivery of PV modules.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7239306-Apr-2022Realization of a ready-to-use delivery (turnkey) of solar panel installations.Europe17-Jun-2022Tenders
7249213-Apr-2022Framework Agreement for the project drafting service for photovoltaic solar energy installations.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7249413-Apr-2022Procurement of 350 m2 curtain wall with building-integrated photovoltaic system BIPV.Europe30-May-2022Tenders
7251214-Apr-2022Creation of a centralized boiler room with wood pellets and a solar thermal installation.Europe27-May-2022Tenders
7251915-Apr-2022Delivery, installation and delivery of Solar Power Systems on the roofs of eight (8) locations.Europe25-May-2022Tenders
7252015-Apr-2022Assembly of 137 solar collector installation devices.Europe23-May-2022Tenders
7252215-Apr-2022Delivery and assembly of 215 photovoltaic installations with a capacity of min. 3.1 kW, in 215 indicated locations.Europe25-May-2022Tenders
7253917-Apr-2022Installation of 75KW Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaics & Battery Storage.Europe19-May-2022Tenders
7257820-Apr-2022Construction of Photovoltaic ground-mounted system.Europe09-Jun-2022Tenders
7258120-Apr-2022Delivery, assembly and turnkey delivery of a solar power system at the Cluster.Europe08-Jun-2022Tenders
7258220-Apr-2022Installation of photovoltaic installations in the commune of Lubien.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7261522-Apr-2022Developing a 7,500kWp minimum Solar Photovoltaic (PV) plant.Europe19-May-2022Tenders
7261622-Apr-2022Installation of photovoltaic system incl energy storage in the premises.Europe23-May-2022Tenders
7261822-Apr-2022Procurement of PV system Photovoltaic Wechelrichter 30 KW and Battery storage 10kWh.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7263625-Apr-2022Supply, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic power plants with an installed capacity of 263.7 kWp.Europe23-May-2022Tenders
7263725-Apr-2022Production of photovoltaic panels.Europe30-May-2022Tenders
7263825-Apr-2022Supply of photovoltaic solar modules. Europe08-Jun-2022Tenders
7264626-Apr-2022Complete supply of photovoltaic panels, including construction for their location, equipment for accumulation.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7264726-Apr-2022Design, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations.Europe24-May-2022Tenders
7267228-Apr-2022Supply and installation of a photovoltaic power plant with an output of 311.54 kWp and a battery storage with a capacity of 150 kWh.Europe25-May-2022Tenders
7268228-Apr-2022Construction supervision of solar power plant construction.Europe20-May-2022Tenders
7268328-Apr-2022Construction of solar panel power plant in Sigulda wastewater treatment plant.Europe30-May-2022Tenders
7270301-May-2022Procurement of photovoltaic systems.Europe23-May-2022Tenders
7270401-May-2022Supply and construction of photovoltaic power plants on the buildings of the urban parts PUA.Europe07-Jun-2022Tenders
7270701-May-2022Installation and connection of a photovoltaic system.Europe05-Jun-2022Tenders
7270801-May-2022Procurement of a turnkey design, delivery, installation and Maintenance of a photovoltaic roof system.Europe31-May-2022Tenders
7270901-May-2022Planning services according to HOAI photovoltaic system.Europe19-May-2022Tenders
7271001-May-2022Dismantling, assembly of PV system / site electricity.Europe30-May-2022Tenders