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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
6911019-Oct-2021Designing, realizing, managing and maintaining a solar panel (PV) system in field setup.Europe14-Dec-2021Tenders
6912720-Oct-2021Engineering, supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of a PV solar installation.Europe23-Dec-2021Tenders
6931702-Nov-2021Procurement 1 pc. Photovoltaic system approx. 77 KWp.Europe07-Dec-2021Tenders
6932703-Nov-2021Replacement of inverters and installation of gross production meter Solar panels.Europe13-Dec-2021Tenders
6941910-Nov-2021Impact of Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) Community Measures on Social Acceptance of Wind and Solar PV Energy.Europe10-Dec-2021Tenders
6942710-Nov-2021Construction including timber facade, roof is planned as a green flat roof with a photovoltaic system.Europe20-Dec-2021Tenders
6942810-Nov-2021Installation of PV system approx. 50 kWp consisting of: 167 modules of 300 Wp each, inverter, battery storage system.Europe22-Dec-2021Tenders
6942910-Nov-2021Supply and installation of a charging station for two electric cars and a photovoltaic system in the framework.Mediterranean21-Dec-2021Tenders
6943010-Nov-2021Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations and solar collector installations.Europe13-Dec-2021Tenders
6944611-Nov-2021Provision of a Solar PV installation for West Suffolk Council at Caps Cases.Europe08-Dec-2021Tenders
6948715-Nov-2021Design, delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations.Europe16-Dec-2021Tenders
6948815-Nov-2021Construction of photovoltaic system with a total of min. output 264.33 kWp.Europe17-Dec-2021Tenders
6948915-Nov-2021Supply, installation and commissioning of one (1) PV station with a power of 999.9 kWp.Mediterranean16-Dec-2021Tenders
6949315-Nov-2021Design Construction Operation and Maintenance of AIA’s Photovoltaic Park, of 16,008 MW nominal power.Mediterranean10-Jan-2022Tenders
6950716-Nov-2021Design, installation and commissioning of a 3MW solar farm on a greenfield site.Europe20-Dec-2021Tenders
6950916-Nov-2021Proposals to install a 10.72kWp three phase grid connected solar PV system and battery storage.Europe17-Dec-2021Tenders
6951417-Nov-2021Purchase Of Photovoltaic System With Electricity Storage.Europe07-Dec-2021Tenders
6953217-Nov-2021Contract for the operation, management, maintenance and works of photovoltaic installations.Europe10-Dec-2021Tenders
6953418-Nov-2021Provision of Solar PV Solutions and Appliances.Europe22-Dec-2021Tenders
6956820-Nov-2021Procurement of solar equipment within the Erasmus.Europe08-Dec-2021Tenders
6956920-Nov-2021Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations, solar collectors and biomass boilers.Europe17-Dec-2021Tenders
6957020-Nov-2021Delivery and assembly of solar collectors and photovoltaic installations in the Commune.Europe22-Dec-2021Tenders
6957120-Nov-2021Delivery, management, monitoring and maintenance of three solar power systems on the roof of two different locations.Europe13-Jan-2022Tenders
6957221-Nov-2021Installation of a hybrid photovoltaic power plant on the roofs and supply and installation of a battery system.Europe20-Dec-2021Tenders
6959022-Nov-2021Delivery, installation and maintenance of solar power systems 2 locations.Europe17-Jan-2022Tenders
6959122-Nov-2021Supply, installation and commissioning of 21 autonomous Photovoltaic Stations, with a total capacity of 2,636.88 kWp.Mediterranean28-Dec-2021Tenders
6959222-Nov-2021Supply and the installation of a photovoltaic installation in self-consumption of a photovoltaic power to be installed of 60 kwp.Europe10-Jan-2022Tenders
6959322-Nov-2021Supply system 1 photovoltaic support system, converting 28 photovoltaic modules from the inventory.Europe14-Dec-2021Tenders
6960023-Nov-2021Complete supply of photovoltaic panels.Europe08-Dec-2021Tenders