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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
7702301-Nov-2022Planning and implementation of the renovation of the building envelope with photovoltaic system.Europe12-Dec-2022Tenders
7806604-Nov-2022Tender for Rail infrastructure at Trelex Photovoltaic equipment.Europe09-Jan-2023Tenders
7806704-Nov-2022Covering work and tinsmithing of pitched roofs including the installation of solar tiles and photovoltaic panels.Europe19-Dec-2022Tenders
7806904-Nov-2022Tender for Photovoltaic solar system 116 kWp.Europe15-Dec-2022Tenders
7807804-Nov-2022Design, build and operation for 12.9MW floating photovoltaic plant.Balkan Region22-Dec-2022Tenders
7810407-Nov-2022Framework agreement for interventions for the construction of systems with solar thermal technologies.Europe21-Dec-2022Tenders
7810507-Nov-2022Framework agreement for the supply and installation of equipment or system components with solar thermal technologies.Europe19-Dec-2022Tenders
7815411-Nov-2022Engineering service for the drafting of the preliminary project photovoltaic solar plant.Europe12-Dec-2022Tenders
7816111-Nov-2022Installation of micro-generator with solar photovoltaic panels at transformer points.Europe15-Dec-2022Tenders
7818314-Nov-2022Installation of a photovoltaic power plant with a nominal output of 98.82 kWp, battery storage with a capacity of 67 kWh.Europe19-Dec-2022Tenders
7818414-Nov-2022Purchase a remote solar power plant and power plant maintenance and service.Europe15-Dec-2022Tenders
7819515-Nov-2022Supply and installation of PV systems with the NET METERING mechanism and new LED lighting in 8 buildings.Mediterranean16-Dec-2022Tenders
7819615-Nov-2022Supply and installation of a renewable source of electricity a photovoltaic power plant PVE.Europe12-Dec-2022Tenders
7819815-Nov-2022Tender for Photovoltaic work on three office buildings with gable roofs.Europe11-Jan-2023Tenders
7823017-Nov-2022Installation of a solar panel power plant with a capacity of up to 1.2 MW for the joint-stock company.Europe22-Dec-2022Tenders
7823617-Nov-2022Tender for Photovoltaic Power Plants For The Production Of Electrical Energy From Renewable Solar Energy Sources.Europe04-Jan-2023Tenders
7823717-Nov-2022Execution of 27 photovoltaic micro-installations on public utility buildings.Europe12-Dec-2022Tenders
7823817-Nov-2022Realization of photovoltaic solar installations on the green roofs of the Transports Publics.Europe09-Jan-2023Tenders
7824318-Nov-2022Delivery and assembly along with the design of 164 photovoltaic installations for residential buildings.Europe16-Dec-2022Tenders
7824518-Nov-2022Installation and connection of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building in ZDV Novoveselsko with a total output of min. 249, 28 kWpEurope19-Dec-2022Tenders
7824618-Nov-2022Delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations and solar collectors in the Frampol Commune.Europe20-Dec-2022Tenders
7825219-Nov-2022Construction of a metal carport for PV panels, installation of conduits for the electrical distribution.Europe09-Dec-2022Tenders
7825919-Nov-2022Construction of PV system with 10 kWp on a metal roof with 8 kWp storage.Europe26-Jan-2023Tenders
7826119-Nov-2022Procurement of High and low current systems approx. 80 photovoltaic modules including substructure.Europe15-Dec-2022Tenders
7826419-Nov-2022Construction of a new photovoltaic system with approx. 15kWpEurope13-Dec-2022Tenders
7826519-Nov-2022Construction of a photovoltaic system on the site of the sewage treatment plant.Europe15-Dec-2022Tenders
7828422-Nov-2022Acquisition of a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity for self-consumption.Europe16-Dec-2022Tenders
7828622-Nov-2022Supply of 38 photovoltaic solar installations on roofs of public facilities in the territory of the Metropolitan Area.Europe21-Dec-2022Tenders
7828722-Nov-2022Construction of photovoltaic installations on technical facilities.Europe22-Dec-2022Tenders