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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
8509008-Jul-2023Tender for Photovoltaic project management for an installation connected to the network with a power less than or equal to 36 kva.Europe02-Oct-2023Tenders
8532626-Jul-2023Supply, management and maintenance of PV systems for a maximum of 79 existing locations and 24 new-build locations.Europe27-Oct-2023Tenders
8534527-Jul-2023Construction of 2 photovoltaic solar power plants located on the roof of the factory.Europe28-Sep-2023Tenders
8750208-Aug-2023Tender for photovoltaic system with 23 kWp is installed on the pitched roof of the town hall.Europe26-Sep-2023Tenders
8757514-Aug-2023Supply and installation of structure, and installation of photovoltaic modules.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8760116-Aug-2023Installation of a PV system with approx 110kWp with installation of the sub-distribution.Europe26-Sep-2023Tenders
8764118-Aug-2023Installation of photovoltaic panels on municipal buildings.Europe05-Oct-2023Tenders
8764818-Aug-2023Delivery, assembly and commissioning of photovoltaic systems on various roofs.Europe17-Oct-2023Tenders
8768822-Aug-2023Design, construction, installation, commissioning of the photovoltaic power plants for the partial insurance of the self-consumption.Europe06-Oct-2023Tenders
8768922-Aug-2023Planning of a photovoltaic system for the event center.Europe30-Sep-2023Tenders
8769522-Aug-2023Tender for Solar Photovoltaic Landscape Sensitivity And Capacity Study.Europe02-Oct-2023Tenders
8773425-Aug-2023Installation of a photovoltaic solar system will be carried out on the roof of the first floor.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8773725-Aug-2023Supply and install solar panels.Europe23-Oct-2023Tenders
8775628-Aug-2023Procurement is the construction of a solar power plant on the flat roof of the Y-corpus building.Europe26-Sep-2023Tenders
8775828-Aug-2023Tender for lease of a solar power plant geographically remote from electricity consumption sites.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8877129-Aug-2023Supply and installation of photovoltaic power plant systems on the roofs of buildings owned by the municipality.Europe03-Oct-2023Tenders
8877629-Aug-2023Competition for the installation of PV systems on buildings belonging to Immobilien Linz.Europe26-Sep-2023Tenders
8878230-Aug-2023Tender for ELT photovoltaic system PV-PVT system Intended power approx. 340 kWp electrical / 206 kW thermal Installation on 4 roof.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8878330-Aug-2023Delivery, assembly and construction of a solar thermal system on a property area of approx. 5,400 m².Europe27-Sep-2023Tenders
8878930-Aug-2023Tender for Soft Market Test for Solar PV Maintenance Services.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8879030-Aug-2023Design, supply and install Solar PV systems on 9No. domestic properties across the Outer Hebrides.Europe29-Sep-2023Tenders
8883303-Sep-2023Installation of photovoltaic power plants within Delgaz Grid.Europe05-Oct-2023Tenders
8883703-Sep-2023Contract Campus Wide Solar PV Panel Supply & Installation Works.Europe23-Oct-2023Tenders
8884104-Sep-2023Construction of photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of approx. 290 kWp on the premises of PGE.Europe03-Oct-2023Tenders
8884204-Sep-2023Supply and installation of photovoltaic panels according to technical specifications provided.Europe06-Oct-2023Tenders
8885604-Sep-2023Construction of 2 MW solar panel station.Europe03-Oct-2023Tenders
8886105-Sep-2023Construction of a photovoltaic farm in msc. Lagów, delivery and assembly of photovoltaic installations for public utility buildings.Europe02-Oct-2023Tenders
8887205-Sep-2023Delivery, installation and commissioning of solar hot water systems for the buildings.Balkan Region27-Sep-2023Tenders
8887906-Sep-2023Delivery and installation of solar modules for the Bolligenstrasse depot.Europe23-Oct-2023Tenders