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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
7333519-Jun-2022Competition For The Study, Realization, Establishment And Operation Of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.MENA Countries31-Aug-2022Tenders
7338523-Jun-2022Call For Competition For The Study, Realization, Establishment And Operation Of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.MENA Countries31-Aug-2022Tenders
7342026-Jun-2022Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Solar PV Pumping Systems for Community Facilities.Africa22-Aug-2022Tenders
7343828-Jun-2022Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 150kW Solar PV Plant.Africa30-Aug-2022Tenders
7352004-Jul-2022Bidders for Upgrading of Mnivata Newala Masasi Road 160 Km Solar Street lighting.Africa07-Sep-2022Tenders
7356707-Jul-2022Supply and installation of integrated solar streetlights and solar high masts lighting in various clusters.Africa23-Aug-2022Tenders
7358810-Jul-2022Tender for Photovoltaic Solar System For Various Umgeni Water Wastewater Works.Africa18-Aug-2022Tenders
7361111-Jul-2022Supply and installation of one hundred forty (140) eighty (80) KVAs Solar Panel, ninety (90) Gel Batteries and accessories.Africa19-Aug-2022Tenders
7362112-Jul-2022Supply, transport, installation and commissioning of a photovoltaic solar installation with a power of 40 kWp.Africa15-Aug-2022Tenders
7367717-Jul-2022Supply, transport and installation of a photovoltaic solar system connected to the medium voltage.Africa16-Aug-2022Tenders
7367817-Jul-2022Supply, Distribute, Install, Commission and Maintain ICT Equipment, Portable Solar Panel.Africa15-Aug-2022Tenders
7369918-Jul-2022Provide Solar Systems To Health Posts And Warmers For New Born To Health Centers.Africa15-Aug-2022Tenders
7371520-Jul-2022Supply And Installation Of A Renewable Pv Solar Plant At Namcor Head Office.Africa19-Aug-2022Tenders
7372820-Jul-2022Construction of the Kamayi photovoltaic solar power plant for the electrification.Africa18-Aug-2022Tenders
7373721-Jul-2022Procurement of Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a 0.68MWp Photovoltaic Power Plant.Africa24-Aug-2022Tenders
7373821-Jul-2022Procurement of Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a 0.95MWp Photovoltaic Power Plant.Africa24-Aug-2022Tenders
7375522-Jul-2022Climate Aggregation Platform Financial Innovation Challenge.Africa31-Aug-2022Tenders
7376124-Jul-2022Construction of the Lusambo photovoltaic solar power plant 500kWp for the electrification.Africa29-Aug-2022Tenders
7376224-Jul-2022Construction of the Kamonia photovoltaic solar power plant 300kWp for the electrification.Africa20-Aug-2022Tenders
7376324-Jul-2022Construction of the Kamayi photovoltaic solar power plant 1MWp for the electrification.Africa20-Aug-2022Tenders
7376424-Jul-2022Construction of the Kakese photovoltaic solar power plant 400 kWp for the electrification.Africa20-Aug-2022Tenders
7376524-Jul-2022Construction Of Mini Solar Power Plants In View Of Toll Board Illumination.Africa19-Aug-2022Tenders
7377225-Jul-2022Design, Supply and install a functional ground mounted Photovoltaic system.Africa24-Aug-2022Tenders
7377525-Jul-2022Installation Of Solar Carports In Federal Ministry Of Environment Offices.Africa26-Aug-2022Tenders
7377625-Jul-2022Construction Of Solar Powered Boreholes For Climate Change Adaptation.Africa26-Aug-2022Tenders
7377725-Jul-2022Provision Of Solar Powered Streetlight At Ikenne Town.Africa26-Aug-2022Tenders
7377825-Jul-2022Construction of a solar powered acquisition centre and installation of solar prowered grinding machines.Africa26-Aug-2022Tenders
7378726-Jul-2022Appointment Of Service Providers For Maintenance Of Solar Water Heaters And Heat Pumps On Council Owned Properties.Africa30-Aug-2022Tenders
7379026-Jul-2022Supply and delivery of complete solar panel kits 300 Wtt solar plate, 200 A battery.Africa25-Aug-2022Tenders
7379226-Jul-2022Construction of Solar Powered Water Supply.Africa26-Aug-2022Tenders