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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
6640322-Mar-2021Proposals from IPPs to develop new generation capacity of 2 600 MW, 1 000 MW from Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) power plants.Africa04-Aug-2021Tenders
6712921-May-2021Consultancy Services for Development and Facilitation of Trainings for Solar Pumping and Irrigation Systems.Africa21-Jun-2021Tenders
6714121-May-2021Construction, operation and maintenance of mini-grids off-grid hybrid photovoltaic systems and the commercialization of electric power.Africa19-Jun-2021Tenders
6714523-May-2021Rural electrification project of at least 100 villages by mini solar photovoltaic plants.Africa29-Jun-2021Tenders
6714723-May-2021Supply, installation and commissioning of 8 photovoltaic systems in Health Centers.Africa21-Jun-2021Tenders
6717625-May-2021Project Of Public Photovoltaic Lighting Section.Africa23-Jun-2021Tenders
6717925-May-2021Acquisition Of Supplies For Realization Of Solar Energy Stations.Africa25-Jun-2021Tenders
6718426-May-2021Supply and installation of a photovoltaic electricity production system.Africa28-Jun-2021Tenders
6719226-May-2021Concentration of solar powered generators at the National Guard School.Africa28-Jun-2021Tenders
6719826-May-2021Construction of Solar Powered Boreholes for Schools.Africa21-Jun-2021Tenders
6719926-May-2021Provision of Solar Powered Street Lights in Ogun Central Senatorial District.Africa05-Jul-2021Tenders
6720026-May-2021Request For Proposals For The Proposed Installation Of 1x 30m Solar High Mast Lighting.Africa02-Jul-2021Tenders
6720427-May-2021Pre-qualification applications for the following works Electrical works (Wiring, Generators and Solar Installation)Africa24-Jun-2021Tenders
6720627-May-2021Supply and installation of solar powered street lights and other electrical installation services.Africa22-Jun-2021Tenders
6720727-May-2021Supply and maintenance of solar equipment and generators.Africa22-Jun-2021Tenders
6721928-May-2021Installation of solar lighting.Africa23-Jun-2021Tenders
6722128-May-2021Proposed Borehole Drilling, Construction And Installation Of A High Tower Water Tank And Solar Power Pumps.Africa29-Jun-2021Tenders
6722228-May-2021Supply and installation of solar panels, back up battery and accompanying electricals.Africa29-Jun-2021Tenders
6723429-May-2021Supply And Installation Of Solar Panels At Civic Centre.Africa28-Jun-2021Tenders
6723930-May-2021Consultancy Services For Bid Document Preparation For Installation Of Solar Pv Systems.Africa22-Jun-2021Tenders
6724030-May-2021Supply and install a Solar Photovoltaic Grid-Tie System.Africa21-Jun-2021Tenders
6725131-May-2021Procurement of Solar Light 55 units Solar Light For primary Schools, 36 units Solar Light for Human health post and 13 units Solar Light.Africa29-Jun-2021Tenders
6726501-Jun-2021Design of Bulaga Solar driven Mini Piped Water System.Africa22-Jun-2021Tenders
6727702-Jun-2021Supply and delivery of Damp Proof Bag, Gumboots, Medicine Boxes, Solar Laterns and VHT Reporting Tools.Africa02-Jul-2021Tenders
6727802-Jun-2021Construction of gravity flow water supply and sanitation schemes ans solar powered water systems.Africa02-Jul-2021Tenders
6727902-Jun-2021Supply, installation and maintenance of solar electrical appliances and mechanical systems.Africa22-Jun-2021Tenders
6729103-Jun-2021Supply and delivery of institutional Solar PV systems.Africa29-Jun-2021Tenders
6729203-Jun-2021Supply, delivery and installation of solar systems.Africa30-Jun-2021Tenders
6729303-Jun-2021Procurement of 10 units of solar water pumping systems.Africa30-Jun-2021Tenders
6730804-Jun-2021Supply, install and commission solar home lighting solutions.Africa15-Jul-2021Tenders