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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
6817316-Aug-2021Procurement Of 3 Nos Of Solar Powered Renewable Energy With Backup.Africa27-Sep-2021Tenders
6828926-Aug-2021Supply, testing, installation and commissioning of solar farm thermal imaging cameras.Africa23-Sep-2021Tenders
6829226-Aug-2021Design-supply-installation of a self-consumption photovoltaic school power plant.Africa08-Oct-2021Tenders
6829726-Aug-2021Supply and installation of solar kits.Africa12-Oct-2021Tenders
6830127-Aug-2021Supply, delivery and installation of solar system at Forestry Research Centre.Africa27-Sep-2021Tenders
6832529-Aug-2021Purchase of Electrical and Solar Energy Equipment & Consumables.Africa08-Oct-2021Tenders
6832630-Aug-2021Supply and delivery of VIP mobile shower and toilet units, 80W solar panel with batteries.Africa29-Sep-2021Tenders
6833230-Aug-2021Delivery, installation, commissioning and training 27 small solar plants with batteries (total 149,25 kWp)Africa28-Sep-2021Tenders
6833730-Aug-2021Supply, installation, repair and commissioning of solar equipment.Africa23-Sep-2021Tenders
6837901-Sep-2021Tender for Photovoltaic lighting works for the voices of the Oases of Tighmert.MENA Countries30-Sep-2021Tenders
6838601-Sep-2021Design, Suppy& Install Solar Powered Water Supply Livelihoods Backup Borehole.Africa04-Oct-2021Tenders
6840002-Sep-2021Installation work of solar power plants for multifunctional platforms of 30-50 kWp.Africa28-Sep-2021Tenders
6840102-Sep-2021Installation work of solar power plants for multifunctional platforms of 5-15 kWp.Africa28-Sep-2021Tenders
6841003-Sep-2021Appointment of a multi-disciplinary consultant team, Green initiatives (e.g. solar systems to be considered)Africa04-Oct-2021Tenders
6842303-Sep-2021Tender Upgrading Of 13no.Electricity Powered Street Lights To Solar Powered Streeet Lights, Installation Of New 30no.Solar Streetlights.Africa06-Oct-2021Tenders
6844104-Sep-2021Consultancy on the provision of EPC professional services for implementation of solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems.Africa01-Oct-2021Tenders
6844404-Sep-2021Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Start-up of a Roof Mounted, On-grid, 10 kWP Photovoltaic System.Africa07-Oct-2021Tenders
6844704-Sep-2021Supply and installation of a photovoltaic energy production system for a pumping station.Africa27-Sep-2021Tenders
6844805-Sep-2021Construction of 4 agricultural boreholes and 4 wells deep equipped with solar pump in the municipalities.Africa15-Oct-2021Tenders
6844905-Sep-2021Construction Of Market Bores In Surface And Agricultural Bores With Solar Equipment For Irrigation.Africa15-Oct-2021Tenders
6845506-Sep-2021Procurement of Field Instrumentation and Equipment for the Nile Basin Regional Hydrological Monitoring System, solar power supply.Africa04-Oct-2021Tenders
6845906-Sep-2021Consultation (Senior Expert in Energy) Analysis on the risks of investing in solar photovoltaic mini-grids.Africa24-Sep-2021Tenders
6848107-Sep-2021Drilling Works With Water Castle And Submersible Solar Pump In Kolofata Project.Africa28-Sep-2021Tenders
6848707-Sep-2021Connection Of Solar Electricity At Shearing Sheds.Africa14-Oct-2021Tenders
6849208-Sep-2021Surveying, sitting, drilling and solar equipping of a borehole at Garanyemba Clinic.Africa23-Sep-2021Tenders
6849308-Sep-2021Borehole citing, drilling, fixing of accessories and installation of solar powering system.Africa05-Oct-2021Tenders
6849408-Sep-2021Establishment of photovoltaic solar power stations connected to the grid.Africa29-Sep-2021Tenders
6850508-Sep-2021Rehabilitation works for 20 no. predominantly Solar powered Water Supply Systems in Refugee hosting areas.Africa24-Sep-2021Tenders
6850608-Sep-2021Supply and delivery of all-in-one solar streetlight fittings and galvanised steel street light poles.Africa05-Oct-2021Tenders
6850709-Sep-2021Installation of solar street lights.Africa07-Oct-2021Tenders