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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
6915321-Oct-2021Supply of Photovoltaic equipment, photovoltaic energy production unit. Internal and external lighting system.Africa15-Dec-2021Tenders
6926929-Oct-2021Development, Financing, Construction, Operation And Maintenance Of A 50mw Solar Photovoltaic Power.Africa10-Dec-2021Tenders
6927931-Oct-2021Procurement of Consultancy Services for Developing Bankable Feasibility Study for The Solar Power Plant.Africa08-Dec-2021Tenders
6932003-Nov-2021Installation of (100) solar pumps.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6932103-Nov-2021Construction of about (32) wells equipped with solar pumping systems and elevated tanks.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6932503-Nov-2021Construction of 24no. new solar powered water schemes at Kaudan.Africa15-Dec-2021Tenders
6935905-Nov-2021Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Construction Operator and Maintenance Training of Solar PV and Agrivoltaics.Africa10-Dec-2021Tenders
6939108-Nov-2021Supply and Installation of Solar Generating Plant.Africa14-Dec-2021Tenders
6940809-Nov-2021Construction of Two Hundred and Fifty Hand Pump boreholes, Forty Four Solar Water Collection points.Africa21-Dec-2021Tenders
6941710-Nov-2021Design, Supply And Installation Of Solar Energy At Umtiza Nature Reserve.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6943711-Nov-2021Supply of distribution networks for solar mini grids in Nigeria.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6944311-Nov-2021Design, installation & commissioning of a borehole solar powered irrigation system for a community garden.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6944511-Nov-2021Service Providers For The Installation Of Solar Water Heaters Also Referred To As Solar Geysers.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6944912-Nov-2021Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Containerized Solar Powered Cold Storage Facilities.Africa08-Dec-2021Tenders
6946813-Nov-2021Supply of Solar PV equipment.Africa20-Dec-2021Tenders
6947714-Nov-2021Installation of photovoltaic equipment not connected to the network.Africa14-Dec-2021Tenders
6947915-Nov-2021Engineering, Procurement And Construction Of Grid-Tied Rooftop Pv Systems At Various Municipal Buildings.Africa14-Dec-2021Tenders
6949916-Nov-2021Providers for The Installation of Solar Water Heaters also referred to as Solar Geysers.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6950616-Nov-2021Supply of Solar Pumps for the Afar region.Africa12-Dec-2021Tenders
6952417-Nov-2021Rehabilitation Of Towhid, Qalankaley Farms, Joint Solar Pump Irrigation Technology.Africa17-Dec-2021Tenders
6953718-Nov-2021Construction Works Of Buildings And Solar Power Plant.Africa23-Dec-2021Tenders
6954018-Nov-2021Design, installation and commissioning of a borehole solar powered irrigation system.Africa07-Dec-2021Tenders
6955219-Nov-2021Supply and installation of Solar Water Pumps.Africa12-Dec-2021Tenders
6955619-Nov-2021Supply & Delivery of Solar Radio Multiband Multimedia Radio with USB port and built-in Solar Panel.Africa09-Dec-2021Tenders
6955819-Nov-2021Construction of a Photovoltaic Electric Energy Supply System.Africa10-Dec-2021Tenders
6956019-Nov-2021Procurement of 18, 20 and 22 KWP solar Module with structure junction box, Array cable and Installation materials.Africa30-Dec-2021Tenders
6956219-Nov-2021Supply of 6 Solar Mini-grids for Ethiopia.Africa20-Dec-2021Tenders
6956519-Nov-2021Supply and Installation of Solar Power Security Light at NIMASA Western Zone Office.Africa23-Dec-2021Tenders
6957321-Nov-2021Installation work for Solar Power Plants.Africa08-Dec-2021Tenders
6957621-Nov-2021Construction of 04 new boreholes equipped with a solar system and transformation of 05 PMH into a solar system.Africa15-Dec-2021Tenders