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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
7207915-Mar-2022Construction of 15 Excavated Reservoirs, Solar Powered Pumping Systems and Infrastructure in the Provinces.Africa20-May-2022Tenders
7208615-Mar-2022Yeleen Project to develop solar power plants and strengthen, Electrification and extension of MV/LV networks in sixty-six (66) localities.Africa31-May-2022Tenders
7217722-Mar-2022Purchase of Electrical Energy from Renewable Energy Hybrid System Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage.Africa22-Jun-2022Tenders
7218123-Mar-2022Construction of 20 Multifunctional Solar-Powered Boreholes And Infrastructure in the Provinces.Africa31-May-2022Tenders
7225228-Mar-2022Construction of 20 Multifunctional Solar-powered Boreholes and Infrastructure in the Provinces.Africa31-May-2022Tenders
7237505-Apr-2022Supply and Installation of 3 in 1 Solar Street Light.Africa20-May-2022Tenders
7240806-Apr-2022Design, construction, procurement and installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a 1500 kW PV plant.Africa06-Jun-2022Tenders
7244109-Apr-2022Construction project of a photovoltaic solar power plant with a capacity of 1.8 MWp.Africa06-Jun-2022Tenders
7252815-Apr-2022Design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of solar high mast lights.Africa23-May-2022Tenders
7253717-Apr-2022Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Hybrid Solar Power Plants.Africa26-May-2022Tenders
7254618-Apr-2022Provision of Solar Street Light in Ogori-Magongo LGA Kogi State.Africa30-May-2022Tenders
7254718-Apr-2022Provision, Installation of Solar Street Lights in Ute Alohen, Construction of All-in-One Solar Streetlight.Africa30-May-2022Tenders
7254818-Apr-2022Construction Of Roads, Town Halls, Culvert, Drainage's, Fencing, Mini Lockup Shops, Solar Powered Boreholes & Street Lights.Africa30-May-2022Tenders
7259721-Apr-2022Construction Of Solar Powered Boreholes and installation of solar street light.Africa31-May-2022Tenders
7260822-Apr-2022Supply of Solar-powered cold storage facilities, Cool storage facilities- commercial/ large scale evaporative chambers.Africa20-May-2022Tenders
7262424-Apr-2022Prospective bids under Bid Window 6 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme.Africa11-Aug-2022Tenders
7262524-Apr-2022Appointment of service providers for the design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of solar high mast lights.Africa30-May-2022Tenders
7262624-Apr-2022Appointment of service providers to Design, Supply, Install, Commission and Maintain Solar PV Roof Top Power Plants.Africa24-May-2022Tenders
7263525-Apr-2022Construction,Procurement of Solar Powered Bore Hole.Africa02-Jun-2022Tenders
7265326-Apr-2022Construction of a ground Solar mounting structure, Installation of PV-solar panels, inverter, and other installation materials.Africa25-May-2022Tenders
7265526-Apr-2022Acquisition of solar batteries.Africa05-Jun-2022Tenders
7265927-Apr-2022Feasibility study for the utilization of solar energy for sugarcane irrigation pumping.Africa23-May-2022Tenders
7266727-Apr-2022Provision Of All In One Solar Street Light And Transformer.Africa03-Jun-2022Tenders
7266927-Apr-2022Supply of 05 motor pumps and 39 solar pumps.Africa31-May-2022Tenders
7267128-Apr-2022Proposals for the Supply of Renewable Solar Energy to Swartland Municipality.Africa03-Jun-2022Tenders
7267428-Apr-2022Construction of 15 excavated reservoirs equipped with solar panels.Africa20-May-2022Tenders
7267628-Apr-2022Supply and installation of well equipment for livestock watering with photovoltaic solar energy pumping systems.MENA Countries26-May-2022Tenders
7267728-Apr-2022Supply of electric pumps by photovoltaic poles across the Province.MENA Countries23-May-2022Tenders
7267928-Apr-2022Technical control of photovoltaic solar systems for self-production of electricity for the benefit of 55 public establishments.Africa07-Jun-2022Tenders
7268028-Apr-2022Supply and installation of photovoltaic solar systems for self-production of electricity for the benefit of 55 public establishments.Africa07-Jun-2022Tenders