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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
8194407-Apr-2023Design, Supply, Installation, Test and Commissioning of Solar Mini Grids Generation Projects in 20 mini grids.Africa15-Jun-2023Tenders
8426502-May-2023Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Production Systems Electric by Photovoltaic Solar Technology serving 453 Centers.Africa13-Jun-2023Tenders
8429705-May-2023Supply of Electricity Production Systems by Solar Photovoltaic Technology serving 453 Basic Health Centers CSB.Africa13-Jun-2023Tenders
8435409-May-2023Supply and installation of solar panel systems for 10 school networks.Africa19-Jun-2023Tenders
8441515-May-2023Provision of all-in-one street solar lights nationwide.Africa13-Jun-2023Tenders
8445918-May-2023Tender for Solar electrification works of the municipal high school.Africa16-Jun-2023Tenders
8446118-May-2023Design, Build, Install, Test And Commission Of The 20 Mw Solar PV That Has Battery Energy Storage System.Africa15-Jun-2023Tenders
8446218-May-2023Acquisition, Installation, Repairs And Maintenance Of Emergency Generators And Inverter, Solar Systems.Africa21-Jun-2023Tenders
8446718-May-2023Request for Proposal for installation of solar powered irrigation system in Mahama.Africa27-Jun-2023Tenders
8447219-May-2023Provision of solar and electrical installations, repair and supplies.Africa16-Jun-2023Tenders
8449822-May-2023Expression of Interest for partnership on design, supply, installation and commissioning of 1MV Solar power supply plant.Africa21-Jun-2023Tenders
8449922-May-2023Supply, installation and commissioning of a solar system.Africa19-Jun-2023Tenders
8450022-May-2023Provision Of Alternative Renewable Energy Supplies Solar Pv Power Installations Rooftop Or Ground Mounted.Africa15-Jun-2023Tenders
8450222-May-2023Provision Of Update, Supply Of Equipment And Maintenance Service Of Solar Energy Infrastructures.Africa12-Jun-2023Tenders
8451823-May-2023Provision of Consultancy Services for the Installation of a roof top Solar PV System.Africa20-Jun-2023Tenders
8454225-May-2023Supply and installation of solar streetlights.Africa16-Jun-2023Tenders
8454325-May-2023Supply of Solar systems.Africa15-Jun-2023Tenders
8454425-May-2023Tender for Electrical installation and solar supplies.Africa16-Jun-2023Tenders
8454825-May-2023Construction works of one drinking water supply equipped with a solar energy pumping system.Africa13-Jun-2023Tenders
8456326-May-2023Supply and Installation of Solar System.Africa11-Jun-2023Tenders
8456626-May-2023Supply Of Power Materials service solar System.Africa12-Jun-2023Tenders
8457728-May-2023Construction work for 3 mini photovoltaic solar power plants.Africa05-Jul-2023Tenders
8457828-May-2023Acquisition and installation of solar equipment as part of the implementation of the digital rooms project.Africa13-Jun-2023Tenders
8458028-May-2023Acquisition of 590 solar kits on behalf of the MENAPLN.Africa03-Jul-2023Tenders
8458328-May-2023Acquisition of two (2) batches of Drug Storage Kits including FP products solar equipment and cold chains for 145 CSCOMs.Africa29-Jun-2023Tenders
8459529-May-2023Supply & Installation of Solar Equipment.Africa15-Jun-2023Tenders
8459629-May-2023Provision of Solar panels Installation & Services.Africa14-Jun-2023Tenders
8460730-May-2023Supply, Delivery and Installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System at Eldoret Airstrip.Africa21-Jun-2023Tenders
8460830-May-2023Supply & installation/repair of solar panel, generator, water pumps.Africa14-Jun-2023Tenders
8461230-May-2023Supply of Electro-mechanical Products, Solar panels and pumps.Africa23-Jun-2023Tenders