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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Welcome to Our Website is the worldwide database of international tenders for solar sector, Photovoltaic, Solar energy, Solar plant, solar system, solar cell all solar keywords related tenders updates are available on this website. All kind of solar tenders updates are available in this website from all around the world.

Total LIVE Tenders Worldwide : 280
Construction of seven (7) large diameter positive boreholes equipped with solar panels.
Posting Date : 18-May-2022 Deadline : 07-Jun-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design and construction of 32 photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of 735.14 kWp on real estate.
Posting Date : 17-May-2022 Deadline : 20-Jun-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Expression of Interest for finance, design, construct, operate and maintain a 0.4 MW Ground mounted Grid-tied Photovoltaic system.
Posting Date : 17-May-2022 Deadline : 03-Jun-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Establishment Of A Frame Agreement For The Provision Of Maintenance, Operation, Monitoring And Cleaning For Solar Plants.
Posting Date : 16-May-2022 Deadline : 15-Jun-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Preparation of Detailed Design for Solar PV Hybrid Systems (SPVHS) in Three Governmental Hospitals.
Posting Date : 16-May-2022 Deadline : 30-May-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Delivery and assembly of the installation of 206 photovoltaic panels.
Posting Date : 16-May-2022 Deadline : 15-Jun-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Request For Request For Solar Parabolic Cooker for Khost.
Posting Date : 15-May-2022 Deadline : 30-May-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement of Supply and Installation of PV Generator with 10KWP system and system components.
Posting Date : 15-May-2022 Deadline : 23-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply of business start-up kits for caregivers of CLHIV, solar panels.
Posting Date : 15-May-2022 Deadline : 27-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
EPC Contractor for procurement of 5 MW Solar Power Project on Turnkey basis.
Posting Date : 13-May-2022 Deadline : 11-Jun-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Installation works of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity in the buildings.
Posting Date : 13-May-2022 Deadline : 06-Jun-2022 Region : MENA Countries NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement of Solar Powered Irrigation Systems and installation works.
Posting Date : 13-May-2022 Deadline : 27-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design, development, and delivery of a 2 months "Youth Employability" program for Solar PV systems, Solar Water Heaters.
Posting Date : 12-May-2022 Deadline : 24-May-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement and installation of Solar Energy System.
Posting Date : 12-May-2022 Deadline : 25-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design, Supply and Installation Insulated Plant Room & Solar Power System.
Posting Date : 11-May-2022 Deadline : 26-May-2022 Region : Asia Pacific NoticeType : Tenders
Installation of a photovoltaic power plant with an output of up to 30 kWp on the roof of building.
Posting Date : 11-May-2022 Deadline : 09-Jun-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Application for a Generationa and sale of electricity license for the development of proposed 20 MW AC Solar PV Plant.
Posting Date : 11-May-2022 Deadline : 10-Jun-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
EOI for the development of a new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Independent Power Project of 1,500 MW of power generation capacity.
Posting Date : 10-May-2022 Deadline : 27-May-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Tender for the first time for a solar-powered lighting project in the village.
Posting Date : 10-May-2022 Deadline : 25-May-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Supply and Installation of Security Grille (Mild Steel Security Bars and Door) for Solar Equipment.
Posting Date : 10-May-2022 Deadline : 24-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
EOI Solar based irrigation business model “pay as you irrigate” for women empowerment.
Posting Date : 10-May-2022 Deadline : 30-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Acquisition of Solar Electric Fence Kit For 30 Km.
Posting Date : 09-May-2022 Deadline : 19-May-2022 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement of Construction of Civil Works, Supply and Installation of Pipes, Solar Pumps, and Panels with Accessories.
Posting Date : 09-May-2022 Deadline : 07-Jun-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Installation and operation of photovoltaic power plants on 4 school groups.
Posting Date : 08-May-2022 Deadline : 09-Jun-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Request For Proposal (Rfp) Solar Pilot Project design and installation of a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system.
Posting Date : 08-May-2022 Deadline : 20-May-2022 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Tender for Solarization Of 10 Schools In Mandera.
Posting Date : 08-May-2022 Deadline : 19-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Support Implementation Of Phase 3 Wind, Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage.
Posting Date : 06-May-2022 Deadline : 23-May-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Contracting a service provider for the supply and installation of a photovoltaic solar system.
Posting Date : 06-May-2022 Deadline : 22-May-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply & Installation of Photovoltaic Micro-Network Units in four (4) installations.
Posting Date : 06-May-2022 Deadline : 14-Jun-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of battery backed solar PV system for powering of livelihood interventions.
Posting Date : 05-May-2022 Deadline : 19-May-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
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