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Welcome to Our Website is the worldwide database of international tenders for solar sector, Photovoltaic, Solar energy, Solar plant, solar system, solar cell all solar keywords related tenders updates are available on this website. All kind of solar tenders updates are available in this website from all around the world.

Total LIVE Tenders Worldwide : 299
Design-build-operate of solar photovoltaic system and a battery energy storage system of IDB Jamaica.
Posting Date : 22-Oct-2021 Deadline : 11-Nov-2021 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Provision Of Due Diligence Inspection Services For Solar Pv Plant.
Posting Date : 22-Oct-2021 Deadline : 08-Nov-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Tender for 32.5 Kw Photovoltaic System.
Posting Date : 22-Oct-2021 Deadline : 09-Nov-2021 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Acquisition And Installation Of A Photovoltaic System Isolated.
Posting Date : 21-Oct-2021 Deadline : 17-Nov-2021 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Design, Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 3 x 1.0 MWp Grid Tied Solar Farm.
Posting Date : 21-Oct-2021 Deadline : 03-Nov-2021 Region : APEC Countries NoticeType : Tenders
Install a 72 kWp ON-GRID Photovoltaic Solar Energy Microgeneration System.
Posting Date : 21-Oct-2021 Deadline : 08-Nov-2021 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Tender For The Supply Of Solar Power Set.
Posting Date : 21-Oct-2021 Deadline : 26-Oct-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Solar Water Heaters.
Posting Date : 21-Oct-2021 Deadline : 05-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement of Solar and Chest Freezers.
Posting Date : 20-Oct-2021 Deadline : 03-Nov-2021 Region : Asia Pacific NoticeType : Tenders
Implementation of a photovoltaic power plant system and storage battery storage.
Posting Date : 20-Oct-2021 Deadline : 19-Nov-2021 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Construction/Drilling of 10 solar powered motorized irrigation boreholes 100-150m deep.
Posting Date : 20-Oct-2021 Deadline : 31-Oct-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Turnkey Installation of 500KW Photovoltaic System at Fremantle Passenger Terminal.
Posting Date : 19-Oct-2021 Deadline : 05-Nov-2021 Region : Asia Pacific NoticeType : Tenders
Tender for the Supply of 13 Complete Flywheel Pumps, Accessories and Solar Panels.
Posting Date : 19-Oct-2021 Deadline : 04-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design, supply & installation of 200 KWP PV solar system.
Posting Date : 19-Oct-2021 Deadline : 29-Oct-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, delivery, and installation of Solar system with all accessories.
Posting Date : 18-Oct-2021 Deadline : 02-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Import and supply solar cookers to the Mocha Directorate.
Posting Date : 17-Oct-2021 Deadline : 04-Nov-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Maintenance Inspections and servicing of Installed Solar System and accessories.
Posting Date : 17-Oct-2021 Deadline : 25-Oct-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Carrying out work on a photovoltaic solar power plant.
Posting Date : 17-Oct-2021 Deadline : 16-Nov-2021 Region : Australia & Oceania NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, installing, testing, training and operating, handing over of complete system Solar PV Water Pumping System.
Posting Date : 17-Oct-2021 Deadline : 30-Oct-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Contracting For The Execution Of The Project Creation Of The Photovoltaic Pumping System And Drinking Water System.
Posting Date : 15-Oct-2021 Deadline : 25-Oct-2021 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement For The Purchase Of A Solar Panel System.
Posting Date : 15-Oct-2021 Deadline : 28-Oct-2021 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, installation and maintenance for 10 years of a 150kwp photovoltaic system.
Posting Date : 14-Oct-2021 Deadline : 12-Nov-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Engineering, Procurement & Supply, Construction of approximately 425 kWp capacity Photovoltaic Grid Connected Roof Top Solar.
Posting Date : 14-Oct-2021 Deadline : 08-Nov-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Design, supply, install and commissioning of a solar PV (photovoltaic) system and provision for a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
Posting Date : 14-Oct-2021 Deadline : 10-Nov-2021 Region : Asia Pacific NoticeType : Tenders
Request For Proposals For The Hard Water Designed (Indirect) Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems.
Posting Date : 14-Oct-2021 Deadline : 02-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Of A Solar Power System.
Posting Date : 13-Oct-2021 Deadline : 27-Oct-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Hybrid Solar Submersible Pump with all Accessories.
Posting Date : 13-Oct-2021 Deadline : 04-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, Installation, Fixation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar System 100 KWA including invertor.
Posting Date : 13-Oct-2021 Deadline : 29-Oct-2021 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of photovoltaic installations with a capacity of up to 50 kWp.
Posting Date : 13-Oct-2021 Deadline : 09-Nov-2021 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Supply and installation of solar equipment for the power supply for the entire IT room.
Posting Date : 12-Oct-2021 Deadline : 03-Nov-2021 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
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