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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Welcome to Our Website is the worldwide database of international tenders for solar sector, Photovoltaic, Solar energy, Solar plant, solar system, solar cell all solar keywords related tenders updates are available on this website. All kind of solar tenders updates are available in this website from all around the world.

Total LIVE Tenders Worldwide : 248
Feasibility Studies and Design of a Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FSPV) Power Plant.
Posting Date : 08-Dec-2022 Deadline : 10-Jan-2023 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Improvement of Solar Systems & the Resource Centre, Construction of Generator Houses and Water Storage Facilities.
Posting Date : 08-Dec-2022 Deadline : 29-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Construction, assembly related to the implementation of 173 photovoltaic micro installations with a capacity of less than 10 kWp.
Posting Date : 07-Dec-2022 Deadline : 03-Jan-2023 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Eight (8) Utility Scale Ground-Mounted Solar PV Plants total 33MWp with BESS total 34MWh.
Posting Date : 07-Dec-2022 Deadline : 07-Mar-2023 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
Design, Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of A Solar Photovoltaic (spv) System On The Grounds.
Posting Date : 06-Dec-2022 Deadline : 18-Dec-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Installation of Solar PV System in Buchanan.
Posting Date : 06-Dec-2022 Deadline : 16-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Individual Consultant to Design two Mini-Solar Grids, Develop Technical Specifications and Supervise Grid Installation.
Posting Date : 06-Dec-2022 Deadline : 13-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Installation of solar power system for sewing machines.
Posting Date : 06-Dec-2022 Deadline : 12-Dec-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Grid-Tie Solar System for UNDP.
Posting Date : 05-Dec-2022 Deadline : 19-Dec-2022 Region : APEC Countries NoticeType : Tenders
Proposed Supply, Delivery, Installation And Testing Of Carport Solar Plant.
Posting Date : 05-Dec-2022 Deadline : 15-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Request For Proposals For The Pole Mounted Pv Solar System 125 Kwp And Integrated Led Lights.
Posting Date : 05-Dec-2022 Deadline : 31-Jan-2023 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Initial Operation and Maintenance of the Rooftop Solar PV System.
Posting Date : 04-Dec-2022 Deadline : 04-Jan-2023 Region : Americas NoticeType : Tenders
RFQ for Solar Water Uplifting-Ghopatar.
Posting Date : 04-Dec-2022 Deadline : 16-Dec-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Installation Of A Solar System At Restart Center.
Posting Date : 02-Dec-2022 Deadline : 16-Dec-2022 Region : Mediterranean NoticeType : Tenders
Bid for Drilling of 4 multipurpose solar powered in Kapoeta North.
Posting Date : 02-Dec-2022 Deadline : 15-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a 2MWac Floating Solar Power Plant.
Posting Date : 01-Dec-2022 Deadline : 21-Dec-2022 Region : Asia NoticeType : Tenders
Installation and connection of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the staff car park of the CHU.
Posting Date : 01-Dec-2022 Deadline : 22-Dec-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Acquisition and installation of electric poles with solar energy on the numbered roads.
Posting Date : 30-Nov-2022 Deadline : 15-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Procurement of Solar power plant.
Posting Date : 30-Nov-2022 Deadline : 14-Dec-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Delivery and installation of roof photovoltaic installation for the building of primary school.
Posting Date : 30-Nov-2022 Deadline : 22-Dec-2022 Region : Balkan Region NoticeType : Tenders
Provision and installation of a 70kW solar power plant.
Posting Date : 29-Nov-2022 Deadline : 21-Dec-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Supply of 5 Solar Irrigation Equipments and Installation to Production Department.
Posting Date : 28-Nov-2022 Deadline : 16-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply and installation of 80No. Solar street lights at District wide.
Posting Date : 27-Nov-2022 Deadline : 20-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Development of regional quality infrastructure frameworks for solar photovoltaics and solar thermal energy.
Posting Date : 25-Nov-2022 Deadline : 16-Jan-2023 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Tender for Drilling of 4 multipurpose solar powered in Lotengorait boma.
Posting Date : 25-Nov-2022 Deadline : 09-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Acquisition Of Solar Freezer Kits.
Posting Date : 24-Nov-2022 Deadline : 14-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Delivery, assembly and commissioning of Photovoltaic installations 504 pcs for households, Solar collectors 85 items for households.
Posting Date : 23-Nov-2022 Deadline : 21-Dec-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
Supply And Installation Of Pv Solar System For Building A And Maintenance Services For Building.
Posting Date : 23-Nov-2022 Deadline : 19-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Supply and Delivery of Trusses and Sheeting for the Solar Photo Voltaic Technical Mentor Project.
Posting Date : 21-Nov-2022 Deadline : 14-Dec-2022 Region : Africa NoticeType : Tenders
Construction of a metal carport for PV panels, installation of conduits for the electrical distribution.
Posting Date : 19-Nov-2022 Deadline : 09-Dec-2022 Region : Europe NoticeType : Tenders
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