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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
9044920-Oct-2023RFP for Build Own Operate and Maintain a minimum capacity of 2.5 MWac grid-tied solar PV power plant on building rooftops.MENA Countries24-Jan-2024Tenders
9065305-Nov-2023Earthworks for interconnection of the Photovoltaic Parks of Ahera Renewables Ltd.Asia06-Dec-2023Tenders
9077314-Nov-2023Design, supply, installation, connection, operation, maintenance and inspection of solar energy systems.Asia03-Dec-2023Tenders
9077414-Nov-2023RFQ for Round 5 Solar Projects with Total Capacity 3700 MW.Asia05-Dec-2023Tenders
9078215-Nov-2023Establishment of 4 MW Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant.Mediterranean06-Dec-2023Tenders
9078315-Nov-2023Construction of Solar Power Plants with a power of 2,270 kWe for 14 locations.Mediterranean05-Dec-2023Tenders
9078615-Nov-2023Provision of Supply and installation of 7 solar pumping units.Asia05-Dec-2023Tenders
9078715-Nov-2023Supply and Installation of solar PV systems to water wells.Asia04-Dec-2023Tenders
9082117-Nov-2023Installation of 137 KWP Solar Water Pumping System with Car Spot Structure in Koura-North.Mediterranean07-Dec-2023Tenders
9083019-Nov-2023Supply, Placement, Installation and Maintenance of a 72KW Net Billing Photovoltaic System on the roof.Asia15-Dec-2023Tenders
9086021-Nov-2023Provision and installation of solar systemsin five health facilities in Homs governorate.Mediterranean04-Dec-2023Tenders
9086121-Nov-2023Procurement of 750 solar kits for Climate Action for Human Security.Asia03-Dec-2023Tenders
9086321-Nov-2023Provision & Installation Of Off-Grid /Hybrid Solar Systems For Main Server Room.Mediterranean04-Dec-2023Tenders
9086521-Nov-2023Installation of solar panel system in Bhamdoun.Mediterranean13-Dec-2023Tenders
9088122-Nov-2023Supply and installation of a solar electricity supply system.Asia07-Dec-2023Tenders
9089223-Nov-2023Supply, installation and testing of solar systems in two lots.Mediterranean06-Dec-2023Tenders
9091124-Nov-2023Installation of 131 KWP Solar Water Pumping System in Bhamdoun.Mediterranean13-Dec-2023Tenders
9092026-Nov-2023Supply and Delivery of ICT Items, Furniture & Solar Kit.Mediterranean04-Dec-2023Tenders
9092526-Nov-2023Supply and Installation of Roof-Top Solar Photovoltaic Systems on General Consulate of Belgium Jerusalem.Asia08-Dec-2023Tenders
9095028-Nov-2023Supply, Installation and Operation of Solar PV Energy units capacity of 1000 KW.Asia18-Dec-2023Tenders
9098430-Nov-2023Supply and Installation of Solar Systems for Wells and Pumping Station Stages.Asia19-Dec-2023Tenders