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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
9115814-Dec-2023Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme, procured will include 1800 MW of Solar PV.Africa30-Apr-2024Tenders
9337811-Mar-2024Provision And Installation Of Solar Streetlights In Communities Adamawa.Africa30-Apr-2024Tenders
9340012-Mar-2024Supply and Installation of Solar Power Equipment.Africa23-Apr-2024Tenders
9345217-Mar-2024Engineering, Procurement And Construction Of A Ground-Mounted 12mw (Ac To Grid) Pv Plant And 66/11kv Substation.Africa26-Apr-2024Tenders
9345717-Mar-2024Procurement of IT Equipment, Office Equipment, and Electronics equipment, solar.Africa02-May-2024Tenders
9349519-Mar-2024Tender for Solar energy public lighting project in expansion areas.Africa24-Apr-2024Tenders
9349920-Mar-2024Supply and Installation of Solar System at UNICEF Makeni Sub-Office.Africa20-Apr-2024Tenders
9350620-Mar-2024Construction of solar powered panels in NTA Zaria.Africa18-Apr-2024Tenders
9351120-Mar-2024Request For Proposals For The Installation Of Pole Mounted Pv Solar System 125 Kwp And Integrated Led Lights.Africa23-Apr-2024Tenders
9354122-Mar-2024Development, co-financing, construction, operation and maintenance of solar mini-grids in 56 rural localities.Africa03-May-2024Tenders
9356725-Mar-2024Tender For Lta For Solar System, Electrical, And Mechnaical Maintenance Service.Africa19-Apr-2024Tenders
9357126-Mar-2024Tender for Drilling & Installation of Motorized Solar Borehole 6 locations.Africa22-Apr-2024Tenders
9357426-Mar-2024Engineering, Procurement and Construction of two residential-scale solar energy.Africa19-Apr-2024Tenders
9357926-Mar-2024Construction work on Medium Voltage interconnection lines for the photovoltaic (PV) power plants.Africa02-May-2024Tenders
9358527-Mar-2024Supply, deliver and install Solar PV Systems at the Banks.Africa30-Apr-2024Tenders
9359227-Mar-2024Supply, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic solar installations connected.Africa30-Apr-2024Tenders
9359327-Mar-2024Supply, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic solar installations connected to the MV electricity network at the borehole.Africa26-Apr-2024Tenders
9359828-Mar-2024Installation Of Equipment To Supply Solar Energy To 16 School And Health Establishments.Africa18-Apr-2024Tenders
9359928-Mar-2024Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of PV Solar System to Building.Africa24-Apr-2024Tenders
9360328-Mar-2024Construction Supervision And Water Supply System And Sanitation Facilities Under Supply Of Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems.Africa30-Apr-2024Tenders
9360528-Mar-2024Construction of Proposed Borehole Drilling, Equipping & Solar Connection.Africa18-Apr-2024Tenders
9360828-Mar-2024Supply and install solar water pumping and irrigation systems for small scale farmers.Africa19-Apr-2024Tenders
9361128-Mar-2024Design, supply of hybrid/off-grid solar photovoltaic plants with battery energy storage systems for 30 health facilities.Africa16-May-2024Tenders
9361228-Mar-2024Tender For Supply, Delivery And Installation Of High-Powered Solar Home System.Africa29-Apr-2024Tenders
9361528-Mar-2024Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of PV Solar System to Building D.Africa24-Apr-2024Tenders
9361929-Mar-2024Tender for Solar pumps for training purposes and Solar training module.Africa19-Apr-2024Tenders
9362429-Mar-2024Construction of Health Facilities 30 Ton Concrete Deck Bridges Box culverts and Solar powered water reticulated systems.Africa23-Apr-2024Tenders
9362931-Mar-2024Tender for Equipment of the Warifen pumping station at the Mareth delegation by photovoltaic energy.Africa23-Apr-2024Tenders
9364101-Apr-2024Design, Supply, Installation, testing and Commissioning of seven (7) Hybrid Solar Submersible AC Pumps.Africa22-Apr-2024Tenders
9365502-Apr-2024Request for Quotation RFQ for the supply of solar water heaters for ten houses.Africa18-Apr-2024Tenders