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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
9432423-May-2024Supply and Installation of Teaching, Training, and Learning Equipment and Solar PV System.Africa23-Jul-2024Tenders
9452107-Jun-2024Design, Supply, Construction And Commissioning Of A 0.5ml/Day Solar-Powered Seawater Desalination Plant.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9456111-Jun-2024Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of hybrid/off-grid solar photovoltaic plants with battery energy storage systems.Africa07-Aug-2024Tenders
9457212-Jun-2024Tenders for the acquisition of equipment, installation and commissioning of 75 solar pumping stations.Africa29-Jul-2024Tenders
9458313-Jun-2024Construction and installation of Solar power for Laboratory and Theatre department.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9460114-Jun-2024Supply and Installation of solar system in 29 Cells and health post facilities.Africa28-Nov-2024Tenders
9460714-Jun-2024Supply and installation of 146 photovoltaic solar systems for self-production of electricity to 123 public establishments.Africa30-Jul-2024Tenders
9467620-Jun-2024Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a 2 MWac Floating Solar Power Plant.Africa30-Jul-2024Tenders
9469321-Jun-2024Installation of solar systems at Petrotrade Service Stations.Africa12-Aug-2024Tenders
9470723-Jun-2024Execution study for the rehabilitation and extension of works with installation of tertiary treatment units and individual photovoltaic power plants.Africa30-Jul-2024Tenders
9471224-Jun-2024Supply and Delivery of a Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, 3 x PV Solar Panels, 60 cell, 330watt Mono.Africa19-Jul-2024Tenders
9471524-Jun-2024Appointment of a contractor to provide alternative Solar Energy for Tjheseho Community Learning Centre.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9471724-Jun-2024Design , Supply and Installation of Security cameras and electric fence for Hakwata Solar Mini grid and Mlibizi irrigation Scheme.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9472324-Jun-2024Feasibility studies and ESIA environmental and social impact studies for the construction of green solar mini-networks in 47 localities.Africa23-Jul-2024Tenders
9472424-Jun-2024Studies, control and monitoring of rural electrification works in a cluster of 12 localities, Development Of Solar Power Plants.Africa23-Jul-2024Tenders
9472725-Jun-2024Procurement and installation of 100 Nos Solar Powered Street Lights along Internal roads.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9472825-Jun-2024Installation Of Solar Street Lights In Selected Communities.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9472925-Jun-2024Supply and installation of 80KWh one durable lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery bank for the renewable energy source solar power.Africa24-Jul-2024Tenders
9473225-Jun-2024Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of Arabia solar mini-grid battery replacement and system maintenance.Africa25-Jul-2024Tenders
9473625-Jun-2024Construction of buildings and solar power plant in the DAC of Niombato.Africa23-Jul-2024Tenders
9474226-Jun-2024Provision of Solar Light for NCAA Safety Inspectors Quarters Premises.Africa29-Jul-2024Tenders
9474326-Jun-2024Provision and Installation of Solar Hybrid Inverter, Compact Perimeter Solar Lighting System and Mini Grids.Africa29-Jul-2024Tenders
9474426-Jun-2024Purchase of Solar Power, Installation Tools and Training of Persons with Disabilities.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9474526-Jun-2024Provision and Solar Powered street Lights in selected communities of Kokona Local Government.Africa22-Jul-2024Tenders
9474626-Jun-2024Supply, installation, training and commissioning of solar energy equipment for 8 Urban Health Centers.Africa07-Aug-2024Tenders
9474826-Jun-2024Provision and installation of solar light in selected locations nationwide.Africa25-Jul-2024Tenders
9475326-Jun-2024Installation of Solar Power Plant and construction of distribution network.Africa09-Sep-2024Tenders
9477928-Jun-2024Supply of Generators and Solar Equipment A4 Supply of Textbooks.Africa25-Jul-2024Tenders
9478228-Jun-2024Supply and installation of borehole solar system.Africa25-Jul-2024Tenders
9478328-Jun-2024Tender for Drilling of solar powered bore-hole with steel tower and PVC overhead tank.Africa09-Aug-2024Tenders