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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
9034512-Oct-2023Provision, delivery, installation, setup and testing of 15 kva solar power solution with their appropriate accessories.Africa05-Dec-2023Tenders
9034612-Oct-2023Provision, delivery, installation, setup and testing of 5KVA Solar power solution for Baricho & Mazeras stations.Africa05-Dec-2023Tenders
9049524-Oct-2023Electrification of health centers and schools by Solar Systems Autonomous (SSS) in three (3) batches.Africa04-Dec-2023Tenders
9053327-Oct-2023Engineering, Procurement, Construction And Commissioning Of Hybrid Photovoltaic (Pv) System With Integrated Battery Energy Storage.Africa02-Feb-2024Tenders
9054327-Oct-2023Supply of solar fitting equipment and lights.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders
9063503-Nov-2023Installation Of Solar Lighting Along The Walkway.Africa06-Dec-2023Tenders
9063603-Nov-2023Supply and installation of photovoltaic solar systems connected to the electricity network.Africa05-Dec-2023Tenders
9064605-Nov-2023Appointment Of A Service Provider For The Replacement, Electrical Pumps, Solar Panels And Hand Pumps.Africa07-Dec-2023Tenders
9065905-Nov-2023Installation of solar powered street lighting approx. 70 No. poles.Africa06-Dec-2023Tenders
9066005-Nov-2023Procurement of 6,061 Solar Powered Tablets Charging and Storage with Finger Print Scanner.Africa13-Dec-2023Tenders
9067406-Nov-2023Tender for the Supply and Delivery of 316 Solar Batteries.Africa06-Dec-2023Tenders
9069007-Nov-2023Provision of a Photovoltaic (PV) Renewable Energy System for UNHCR offices.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders
9071309-Nov-2023Tender For The Repairs And Maintenance Of The 400kw Solar Pv Plant Scada System For Period Of One (1) Year.Africa04-Dec-2023Tenders
9072810-Nov-2023Procurement and Installation of 15 KVA Capacity Solar Power System and 40NOS.Africa08-Dec-2023Tenders
9073210-Nov-2023Tenders for the Supply and installation of 50 energy street lamps.Africa05-Dec-2023Tenders
9075813-Nov-2023Supply of 1000W outdoor LED Solar Street Light with bracket, solar panels.Africa11-Dec-2023Tenders
9075913-Nov-2023Supply and delivery of solar panels.Africa12-Dec-2023Tenders
9076013-Nov-2023Supply and delivery of equipment and construction materials for the 50mw solar project for the forty six 46 sities.Africa14-Dec-2023Tenders
9079516-Nov-2023Procurement, Engineering, Supply, Install, Test And Commission Including Maintenance Of 1000 Kw Photovoltaic Solar Rooftop.Africa13-Dec-2023Tenders
9079616-Nov-2023Supply and Installation of a grid tied solar system to adequately operate the new borehole pump system.Africa06-Dec-2023Tenders
9079816-Nov-2023Supply, install, test and commission including maintenance of 1000 kw photovoltaic solar and parking at gauteng nerve centre.Africa13-Dec-2023Tenders
9079916-Nov-2023Appointment Of A Contractor For The Installation And Maintenance Of A Hybrid Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar System.Africa08-Dec-2023Tenders
9080016-Nov-2023Consulting Services for a Feasibility Study on Floating Solar PV on Kamburu Hydropower Plant Reservoir.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders
9082819-Nov-2023Supply And Delivery, Rental & Hiring Of Movable Infrastucture, solar power system.Africa02-Feb-2024Tenders
9082919-Nov-2023Supply 600 Watt Solar Panel Tier 1 Monocrystalline or equal and approved.Africa19-Jan-2024Tenders
9083219-Nov-2023Procurement of Supply and Delivery of Solar Borehole Fittings and Consumables Supply.Africa12-Dec-2023Tenders
9083519-Nov-2023Construction Work On 48 Metal Reservoirs With Drills Equipped With Solar Pumps.Africa08-Dec-2023Tenders
9083719-Nov-2023Supply and fix 25kva-3phase solar system, roof mounted solar grid, fixtures and fittings, protection and monitoring system.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders
9083819-Nov-2023Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of 5kv solar system power backup with full accessories for 6 x SMEDCO Branches.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders
9084019-Nov-2023Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of solar power backup with full accessories.Africa15-Dec-2023Tenders