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Solar Tenders Worldwide - Latest Tenders & Bids & RFP

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Tender Id Posting Date Short Description Region Deadline Notice Type
5099623-Mar-2020Procurement refers to DIS, a dynamic purchasing system for goods for photovoltaic plants.Europe31-Mar-2026Tenders
8918829-Sep-2023Procure a supplier to provide solar panel cleaning and maintenance on a planned/reactive basis.Europe23-Dec-2023Tenders
8920902-Oct-2023Design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance For Three Years And Handover Of The Photovoltaic Power Plant.Europe14-Dec-2023Tenders
8923804-Oct-2023Supply, placement, commissioning and maintenance of several turnkey photovoltaic installations on 4 INAGO sites.Europe07-Dec-2023Tenders
8930008-Oct-2023Supply, placement, commissioning and maintenance of several turnkey photovoltaic installations on 4 INAGO sites.Europe07-Dec-2023Tenders
9043519-Oct-2023Placement of photovoltaic installations on public housing buildings managed by the Public Service Real Estate Companies.Europe07-Dec-2023Tenders
9047123-Oct-2023Delivery ready for operation, maintenance and documentation of solar panel installations of ground-based installations.Europe06-Dec-2023Tenders
9057930-Oct-2023Supply and Installation of PV power plant Gracanica 1&2 Total Capacity of 50 MWp.Europe10-Jan-2024Tenders
9061902-Nov-2023Install solar energy installations in several of its buildings.Europe15-Dec-2023Tenders
9062903-Nov-2023Installation of a system for generating energy from in the form of solar radiation converted into electricity using photovoltaic panels.Europe05-Dec-2023Tenders
9063003-Nov-2023Delivery and installation of photovoltaic installations in the Potok Gorny commune.Europe04-Dec-2023Tenders
9063103-Nov-2023Construction of Photovoltaic system on the facade and roof according to the property description.Europe13-Dec-2023Tenders
9063303-Nov-2023Contract is a new photovoltaic power plant of 184 kWp located on the roof of the Aquadrome Most building.Europe07-Dec-2023Tenders
9065705-Nov-2023Design and construction of shaded photovoltaic power plants with a power of between 50 kWp and 1000 kWp.Europe06-Dec-2023Tenders
9066406-Nov-2023Detailed study, development, delivery, construction and 25-year maintenance of solar energy (PV) installations.Europe04-Dec-2023Tenders
9066506-Nov-2023Construction of rooftop photovoltaic systems in separate positions.Balkan Region11-Dec-2023Tenders
9068607-Nov-2023Planning, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of a solar thermal system.Europe05-Dec-2023Tenders
9068707-Nov-2023Construction of a photovoltaic installation micro-installation on public buildings.Europe05-Dec-2023Tenders
9068807-Nov-2023Installation of three photovoltaic energy generation plants to improve the energy balance.Europe07-Dec-2023Tenders
9075613-Nov-2023Installation of a new photovoltaic power plant with an output of 891.62 kWp.Europe19-Dec-2023Tenders
9076914-Nov-2023Supply, installation and commissioning of a 404.8kwp photovoltaic system on the roof.Europe14-Dec-2023Tenders
9077014-Nov-2023Framework agreement monitoring system for solar panel installations.Europe02-Jan-2024Tenders
9077114-Nov-2023Procurement of Lighting pole equipped with LED lighting fixture and photovoltaic panels 45 pieces.Europe15-Dec-2023Tenders
9077514-Nov-2023Construction Of Photovoltaic Power Plants On Facilities Administered By The Ministry.Europe08-Jan-2024Tenders
9079215-Nov-2023Procurement construction of a 300 kW solar power plant.Europe11-Dec-2023Tenders
9079315-Nov-2023Procurement of Solar panel kit.Europe08-Dec-2023Tenders
9080116-Nov-2023Construction of a photovoltaic farm installation at PGE.Europe19-Dec-2023Tenders
9080216-Nov-2023Delivery, assembly and commissioning of a photovoltaic installation along with the necessary technical infrastructure on the roofs.Europe20-Dec-2023Tenders
9080316-Nov-2023Delivery and assembly of Open space PV system approx. 740 kWp outdoor storage approx. 66 kWh.Europe19-Dec-2023Tenders
9081216-Nov-2023Installation of photovoltaic system (PVA) as part of the necessary roof renovation.Europe19-Dec-2023Tenders